4 Ways To Get A Job & Move To Canada As An Unskilled Labourer (2022/23)

4 Ways To Get A Job & Move To Canada As An Unskilled Labourer (2022/23)

4 Ways To Get A Job & Move To Canada As An Unskilled Labourer (2022/23)

4 Ways To Get A Job & Move To Canada As An Unskilled Labourer (2022/23)

Get A Job & Move To Canada As An Unskilled Labourer

Migrating to another country or continent is a common phenomenon, especially in this part of the world. Every day people are relocating to another nation in search of greener pastures. The most common means of migration include scholarships, lotteries and employment. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on CANADA. In this article, we will highlight 4 ways to migrate to Canada as an unskilled or unlearned labourer.

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You don’t always need a BSc or MSc to work in Canada as long as you meet the following requirements.

How To Migrate & Work In Canada Without University Degree

Unskilled jobs in Canada for foreigners will be available in four major ways in 2022: The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, and the Agri-Food Pilot. PNP is the most frequent method of obtaining a work permit in Canada.


The Provincial Nominee Program is intended for foreign employees who want to come to Canada and who have been offered a position in the country. Each province and territory has its unique program, with its own set of qualifying criteria, which is intended to fulfil the specific labour requirements of the province or territory. The quickest and most convenient method of receiving an ITA (Invitation to Apply for permanent residence)


How to apply for a Provincial Nominee Program in Canada 2022

A step-by-step guide to applying to a Canadian PNP:

  1. Find the PNP that is right for you: Consult the list of provinces and territories at the top of this page to determine where you would like to immigrate. Make sure to check the requirements for each PNP to determine your eligibility.
  2. Apply to your chosen PNP: Submit an application directly to your chosen province or territory.
  3. Obtain a Provincial Nomination certificate: If your application is successful, the province or territory will nominate you to apply for Canadian permanent residence.
  4. Submit your application for permanent residence: Apply to the Canadian federal government for permanent residence. If your chosen PNP is aligned with Express Entry, you can do this online. If not, you must submit a paper-based application.

How To Apply Through The ‘Base’ PNP Process

Some PNPs do not require an Express Entry profile to apply. These programs are called ‘base’ PNPs. While the nomination process is different for each program, the general process is essentially:

  1. Apply for nomination
  2. If nominated, apply for Canadian permanent residence through Permanent Residence Portal.

Once you have been nominated by a Canadian province or territory, you can submit your application for Canadian permanent residence to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada through IRCC’s online Permanent Residence Portal.

4 Ways To Get A Job & Move To Canada As An Unskilled Labourer (2022/23)

Base PNP permanent residence applications take much longer to process than electronic applications submitted through Express Entry. While the average processing time for a permanent resident application submitted through Express Entry is 6 months, a paper-based application is processed in an average of 18 months.

How to apply through the Express Entry Process

  1. Create an account and submit an Express Entry profile.
  2. Apply to an Express Entry-aligned PNP
  3. Receive an Express Entry stream nomination
  4. Confirm the Express Entry on your profile and receive 600 additional points
  5. Wait to receive an invitation for permanent residence
  6. Apply for Canadian permanent residence through the Express Entry system

As all PNPs are different, the process for applying and receiving a nomination through the Express Entry system varies depending on the program.

Some PNPs always accept applications from qualified applicants, so if you are qualified for the PNP you can submit whenever you are ready. Other PNPs use an Expression of Interest (EOI) system, where qualified applicants submit a profile that is ranked on a points-based system for the chance to receive an invitation to apply for nomination. Finally, some PNPs invite foreign nationals to submit applications, either by selecting candidates directly from the Express Entry pool or by having interested individuals submit a formal Expression of Interest.

The PNP application process can be confusing, and applications can be refused if they are submitted incorrectly or if they are incomplete. Applicants should take care to ensure that applications are completed correctly and submitted through the proper channel.

Total cost: Between ~$2,300 – $3,800 CAD

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The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is aimed at luring foreign employees to Canada’s Atlantic provinces, including Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. In order to be eligible for the Intermediate-skilled Stream, you must meet all of the requirements, including having a full-time job offer in one of the four provinces listed above.

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How to apply for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program in Canada 2022


Step 1: The candidate is connected to a settlement service provider by the employer. The said provider will now conduct a needs assessment service to decide on the settlement plan to be followed by the candidate and its family.

Step 2: The selected settlement plan is sent to the employer as well as the candidate.

Step 3: The employer completes the endorsement application and identifies a program that suits the work experience that the employee has. The job offer and settlement plan is submitted to the province.

Step 4: The candidate submits a completed permanent residency application to the IRCC. The required documents and endorsement letter is submitted along with it.

Step 5: The application is submitted, and if approved, the candidate and the people concerned can now move to Atlantic Canada.


Total cost: Between ~$2,200 – $3,500 CAD


Employees from outside of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia who wish to relocate to one of the 11 participating cities and towns in these provinces can apply for this program. To be considered for this program, you must have a full-time job offer from one of the above-mentioned areas in Canada.

How to apply for The Immigration Pilot Program in Canada 2022


To be eligible for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), you must

If you meet all of the requirements, you can start to look for an eligible job in the community.

Total cost: Between ~$2,600 – $3,900 CAD For Each Fami

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Starting in May 2020, you’ll be allowed to work in Canada’s agricultural, meat processing, and animal production businesses while also pursuing permanent residency. Entry into the program requires both a full-time job offer in Canada and at least one year of non-seasonal work experience. Other requirements include fluency in English as a second language, financial stability, and completion of secondary school education. Getting a Job in Canada as a Skilled Worker

How to apply for Agri-food Pilot Program in Canada 2022


To apply for permanent residence under the Agri-Food Pilot, you need


Total cost: Between ~$14,400 – $35,900 CAD



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