APC Chieftain Calls For Appointment Of More Judges

APC Chieftain Calls For Appointment Of More Judges

APC Chieftain Calls For Appointment Of More Judges

APC Chieftain Calls For Appointment Of More Judges

Alhaji Azeez Adebayo, a senior member of the All Progressives Congress in Kwara State, has urged the federal government to appoint additional judges to help with the swift resolution of criminal cases and end Nigeria’s ongoing insecurity issues.

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The elderly man claimed that proceedings in Nigeria’s judiciary, which should typically last six months, are now taking six years, adding to the country’s sense of unease.

Adebayo noted that many people have sought out ways to avoid going to court due to the protracted delays in court cases and the continued imprisonment of suspects awaiting trial in prison custody while speaking with journalists in Ilorin, the state capital.

APC Chieftain Calls For Appointment Of More Judges

“These days people commit crimes and go scot-free because of the fear of endless court adjustments which caused some cases to last many years before final judgment. The federal and state governments should appoint more judges and magistrates across the board to facilitate quick dispensation of justice in Nigeria,” he said.

Adebayo, who with nostalgic feelings recalled his case some years back that lasted seven years before final judgement was given, said he wouldn’t have wished any of his enemies to pass through that experience again.

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The APC chieftain also said there are some bad eggs among the nation’s judges, urging the National Judicial Council to sanitise the judiciary.

“Some judges, by conduct and characters, don’t have integrity, and they, therefore, give others bad names. Despite the huge amount being paid the judges by the federal government because of the nature of their work, the humongous wealth some of them are acquiring which far outweigh their take home should be a serious concern and be investigated,” he said.

APC Chieftain Calls For Appointment Of More Judges

Worried about the rising cases of insecurity across the country, the octogenarian asked the federal government to mop up illegal arms and ammunition that were in private hands, giving deadlines with which to voluntarily surrender them to the police and afterwards arrest anyone caught using such for kidnapping and other vices.

He said if kidnapping and other vices are not frontally tackled, very soon kidnappings would be occurring almost everywhere, as people would be freely fleeced of their hard-earned money while the authorities would not be able to do anything about it.

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Adebayo, an industrialist who is the Chairman of Haaz group of Companies, also urged the federal government to fix the dilapidated infrastructures in critical areas of the country in order to attract foreign investors, thereby tackling the problem of unemployment and bad economy.

He blamed labour leaders for the current increase in food prices due to inflation because of the persistent struggles for minimum wages over the years.

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“The labour leaders ought to be fighting for improved economy and regulations of prices of foods in the markets instead of asking for the increment of salaries all the time. The truth is that those not working with the government will indirectly take out of the minimum wage, and the implication is what we are currently experiencing by increased prices of foods in our markets,” he said.

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