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APPLY || Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship (2023) (Fully Funded)

APPLY || Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship (2023)

(Fully Funded)


APPLY || Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship (2023) (Fully Funded)

2023/24 Application is currently ongoing for Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship (2023) (Fully Funded). || Fully funded for African students.

ABOUT|| Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship (2023) (Fully Funded)

African students can apply for the fully funded Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship 2023–2024. This scholarship is available for MBA programs at Oxford University. The full cost of the MBA program, a living allowance, and one round-trip ticket are all covered by this scholarship.

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SUMMARY || Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship (2023) (Fully Funded)

  • Level of Study: MBA
  • Institution(s): University of Oxford
  • Study in: UK
  • Courses Offered: MBA
  • Program Period: One year
  • Deadline: Admission deadline
    Application deadlines for the Oxford MBA class of 2023-24:

    • Stage 1: Wednesday, 31 August 2022
    • Stage 2: Wednesday, 12 October 2022
    • Stage 3: Wednesday, 4 January 2023
    • Stage 4: Wednesday, 22 March 2023

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COVERAGE || Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship (2023) (Fully Funded)

Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship will cover the following:

  • The full MBA course fees.
  • Living expenses stipend.
  • One return air fare.

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ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA || Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship (2023) (Fully Funded)

To be eligible for Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship, candidates must fulfill following requirements:

  • Required Language: English. You will need to prove your English language capability. click here to know more about the tests and scores.
  • Eligible Countries: Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rep. of Congo, South Africa and Tunisia
  • You should have at least two years of full-time work experience, detailed on a one page CV. They look for evidence of career progression and international exposure, as well as being able to show leadership potential. they do not look for experience in a specific sector.
  • A high level of quantitative and analytical skills evidenced by your GMAT or GRE results. click here to know more about details and score.

HOW TO APPLY ||Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship (2023) (Fully Funded)

Please follow the following application instructions to apply for Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship:

  1. You will be asked to detail your post-MBA career plans and demonstrate how the program will equip you with the skills to reach these goals. By indicating a clear view of your professional development, you will show us that you understand the strengths of your professional experience, have researched your future professional goals, and how an MBA will bridge the gap between the two, upload all your university degree academic transcripts/mark-sheets to the online application form.
  2. As part of your application, you will need to submit a supporting statement
    • Tell them something that is not covered in your application which you would like the Admissions Committee to know about you. (Maximum 250 words).
    • If you are applying under the Oxford 1+1 MBA scheme you also need to submit the following essay:
      Explain why you see this as particularly beneficial for you and how it fits with your career and personal development aims. (Maximum 250 words).
    • Re-applicants will need to submit an additional essay as below:
      What improvements have you made in your candidacy since you last applied to the Oxford MBA? (Maximum 250 words).
      When reviewing your essays, the admissions committee will be looking for evidence of the following: good communication skills, leadership potential, analytical skills, fit with the Oxford MBA community, among other characteristics.
  3. You will need to complete five questions via our online assessment platform. To virtually meet you, get a sense of your personality and see how you think on your feet, you will need to complete an online assessment as part of your application:
    • Two motivation-based questions – all candidates will answer the same questions
    • Two competency-based questions – these will be randomised
    • Written response – this will be randomised and light-hearted to show us how you can think on your feet!
  4. Using the online application form you will need to submit two references, preferably from professional referees. Once your referee details are input into the form, your referee will receive an automatic email from the School with details on how to complete the online reference form.
    Please note they can only accept references from a valid work/professional/institutional email address and not from Gmail/Hotmail accounts.
  5. After ensuring you have all the above requirements before submitting your application form, use the online application to apply
  6. Please ensure your application is complete and that your £150 application fee has been paid upon submission.
  7. Once you have submitted your MBA application, they will use the details you have provided to determine your eligibility for this scholarship. You do not need to undertake any additional actions.


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