‘Barriers Will Be Broken In 2023’ Says Abe

'Barriers Will Be Broken In 2023' Says Abe

‘Barriers Will Be Broken In 2023’ Says Abe

‘Barriers Will Be Broken In 2023’ Says Abe

The 2023 general election, according to Senator Magnus Abe, the Social Democratic Party’s nominee for governor in Rivers State, would mark a turning point in Nigerian politics.

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The general election, according to Abe, would be a political tsunami in the state, breaking every known barrier. He made these remarks at the official commissioning of the SDP constituency office in the state’s Obio/Akpor Local Government Area.

In a statement released by his spokesperson, Parry Benson, the candidate for governor said, “To all of us present, I will give one vital message.

“I have said severally that the 2023 elections will be a watershed event in the political history of this country. In Rivers State, the 2023 elections will be a political tsunami because they will break every known bound and barrier.

‘Barriers Will Be Broken In 2023’ Says Abe

“Let me say to all of you that our votes and our support in 2023 will enshrine justice, fairness, equity, and progress in this land.

“Everybody that wakes up in the morning is looking for progress. Progress is not when the state is rich, progress is when you make money for yourself; that is progress.”

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Abe further said gone were the days when elections were won and lost along political party lines, noting that a lot of things had happened in the country and people had also learnt their lessons.

He said, “Before, Nigerians used to vote on the basis of political party, so this is our party we must support the party, anybody they bring they vote, but things have happened in this country that people must learn as lessons.

‘Barriers Will Be Broken In 2023’ Says Abe

“Before, when we followed a party you knew what you’d get when you supported that party. If you were in the UPN and your state voted for the UPN, you knew you would get free education.

“If you were in the NPN, and your state voted the NPN, you knew you would get housing and agriculture, but since after those parties left, Nigerians continue to vote party, but nobody could see what they were getting.

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“Today if you are in Akwa Ibom, you vote for the Peoples Democratic Party, what you get depends on what the governor wants. If you are in Oyo, you vote for the PDP what you get depends on what the governor wants.

“If you’re in Kano and you vote All Progressives Congress, what you get depends on what the governor wants. If you are on a plateau you vote for the APC what you get depends on what the governor wants. Nobody checks what the party said or what the party is doing.

‘Barriers Will Be Broken In 2023’ Says Abe

Earlier, Chikwem Orlu, the candidate of the SDP in Obio/Akpor Constituency two, assured Senator Abe and party members of the people’s commitment to voting for the party massively in the 2023 general election.

“Your Excellency, the people you are seeing here today are teeming supporters of project the SMA (Senator Magnus Abe).

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“My business this evening is very simple; it’s just to tell you that these people you are seeing here today, have unanimously agreed that no one vote will go to another party other than the SDP on whose platform you will be the Governor of Rivers State come 2023 by the grace of God,” he said

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