Beyoncé To Take Out ‘Offensive’ Lyric From New Album

Beyoncé To Take Out ‘Offensive’ Lyric From New Album

Beyoncé To Take Out ‘Offensive’ Lyric From New Album

Beyoncé To Take Out ‘Offensive’ Lyric From New Album

Beyoncé’s new album, Renaissance, has received positive reviews, but some of her followers have criticized her for using an ableist term in one of the songs.

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“Spazzin’ on that a*s, spazz on that as*,” read the eleventh song on the album Heated.The term “spastic,” which describes a condition that makes it difficult for patients to control their muscles, particularly in the limbs, inspired the slang term “spazz.”

Following the backlash that ensued on social media, Beyoncé’s team confirmed via a statement to Variety that the lyric will be changed.

Beyoncé To Take Out ‘Offensive’ Lyric From New Album

“The word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced,” her team said.

Beyoncé will be the second artiste to make this decision this year as a popular rapper, Lizzo, was also called out in June for using the same word in her song, Grrrls.

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Released on Friday, Renaissance is Beyoncé’s seventh solo studio album.

With the buzz it has garnered over the weekend, the 16-tracked project is expected to top several charts by the end of the week.

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