Boris Johnson To Be Replaced By Truss As UK PM

Boris Johnson To Be Replaced By Truss As UK PM

Boris Johnson To Be Replaced By Truss As UK PM

Johnson To Be Replaced By Truss As UK PM

On Monday, Liz Truss was chosen to lead the Conservative party. Rishi Sunak, a former chancellor of the Exchequer, was Ms. Truss’s main rival.

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After Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher, she is now the third female prime minister of the UK after defeating Mr. Sunak with 57 percent of the vote to his 43 percent.

The new Tory leader will replace Prime Minister Boris Johnson, forced to step down after dozens of members of the government resigned in protest after a series of scandals.

Boris Johnson To Be Replaced By Truss As UK PM

Ms. Truss’s pledge to scrap a controversial national insurance rise which came into effect in April. It marked a departure from her defense of the policy as a minister in Mr. Johnson’s cabinet, prior to his resignation, when she was bound by collective responsibility to support the move publicly.

The levy was introduced to raise funds for the NHS and social care but has proved controversial at a time when households are feeling the squeeze from soaring food and energy bills.

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Ms. Truss argued that “it isn’t right to be putting up taxes now,” and as a leader, she would take “immediate action” to assist with living costs.

She said she would “keep corporation tax competitive,” hinting that she wants to look again at Mr. Sunak’s plans to hike the rate in April 2023, but did not go so far as to match some of her fellow contenders’ pledges to scrap the rise entirely.

Boris Johnson To Be Replaced By Truss As UK PM

Ms. Truss said she would “get the private sector growing faster than the public sector, with a long-term plan to bring down the size of the state and the tax burden.”

Ms. Truss also stated that she would bring “clear and decisive leadership” to Downing Street, adding: “Colleagues know I mean what I say and only make promises I can keep. I can be trusted to deliver.”

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She had assured that the Tories could win the next election, but acknowledged it would be “an uphill battle.”

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