Burning Men 2019 Movie Download


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Burning Men 2019 Movie Download

Burning Men 2019 MOVIE INFO

Here’s a British road-trip movie with echoes of Ben Wheatley and an intriguing set-up. Two stoned rockers steal a mega-expensive rare vinyl disc recorded by a death metal band. That’s believed by Satanists to summon forth the forces of evil.

But disappointingly, instead of getting comedy mileage out of devil worshippers with bad eyeliner in Newcastle, or off-roading into horror movie territory,

Burning Men takes the route of self-serious drama. Groaningly, it kneels down before the fantasy of the brooding male creative genius.

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So, Edward Hayter (Ray) the frontman of Burning Men, a London three-piece too wasted – or perhaps too talentless – to get beyond covering Clash hits.

Then,  he caught his girlfriend shagging the band’s drummer and being evicted from his flat.  Ray decides to sell his vinyl collection to pay his way to Memphis with bassist Don (Aki Omoshaybi).  Buzzy handheld camerawork signposting their crazy, freewheeling lifestyles.

Thus, After pinching the death metal record at a vinyl fair, the pair take off in their conspicuously beat-up car with a party bag of drugs, first to Norfolk then to Newcastle, proving once again that there’s rarely anything so dreary as watching people getting high on the film.

Burning Men 2019 Movie Download

IMDb Ratings: 7.1/10
Genres: Drama
Language: English
Quality: 720p WEB-DL
Size: 833MB
Subtitle: None
Director: Jeremy Wooding
Writers: Neil Spencer, Jeremy Wooding
Stars: Edward Hayter, Aki Omoshaybi, Elinor Crawley

Burning Men 2019 Movie Download

Movie Plot: When young musicians Ray (Ed Hayter) and Don (Aki Omoshaybi) are evicted from their South London squat, they decide to sell their precious vinyl collection and fly to Memphis in search of their destiny. Frustrated by the shortfall in funds, they steal an uber-rare Black Metal record at a Camden record fair and head out of town to sell it. As they drive north in their beaten-up Volvo Amazon, picking up hitchhiker Susie (Elinor Crawley) en route, they find themselves stalked by dark forces apparently unleashed by the devil disc they have stolen.



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