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Life Embassy Intl Ministries
Life Spring Daily

Life Embassy is a global mandate. God will never give birth to any vision without a global view in mind.

She is a church with a global view. A church with the Apostolic mandate to take all the gospel to all the nations through the preaching of the word of life.

Permit us, therefore, to use this privilege of meeting you through this medium to welcome you onboard this covenant voyage leading the church of Christ to a new dimension of global exploits.

It will be our pleasure to enjoy your unalloyed support and partnership in ensuring the realization of this dream.

We intend using all the resources available to take all the gospel to all the nations, i.e the TV, Radios, print media, internet and mission support system and many more.
Life Spring Daily
A daily devotional and guide from the wells of Divine inspiration by the Holy Spirit through His servant Rev Graceman Debo Adeleye.

This Devotional will speak the word of God into your day, week, and month. Ease of access to possibilities and opportunities as the day passes are guaranteed when you start your day with the Word of God.

Rev GraceMAn Debo Adeleye (Author)


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