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Causes And How To Solve Slow Charging On Mobile Phones

Causes And How To Solve Slow Charging On Mobile Phones

Causes And How To Solve Slow Charging On Mobile Phones

Causes And How To Solve Slow Charging On Mobile Phones

How To Fix Slow Charging On Phones

Every mobile device user, one way or another takes good care of their gadgets and this makes it a valuable asset. when purchasing a mobile phone one things everyone tends to look out for is the battery life, among other things such as camera quality or pixel, processor, and design. But the battery life is always a key factor to look out for in mobile devices.

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Thus, manufacturers make it a point of duty to meet the need for long-lasting battery life. This is why it is rechargeable, to keep it active always. What happens when you have a charging device?.

A mobile device needs to be active and reliable all day, all night. Only a little percentage of users turn off their devices. The longevity of a battery makes it reliable and efficient to the user and this article would solve the problem of delayed or slow charging on mobile devices.  


Causes Of Slow Charging On Mobile Devices

  • Charging and Usage Simultaneously
  • Damaged Charging Port
  • Incompatible Charger Or Cable
  • Wrong/ Irregular Power Source
  • Background  Data/ Apps Running
  • Manufacturers’ / Technical Glitch



Now, we would address the causes and provide solutions to help you fix this issue of slow charging on your mobile devices.

1. Charging and Using Device Simultaneously 

People are so fond of their devices that they can never stay 3 minutes without making use of them. This habit may be a problem when you have to recharge the battery of your mobile devices.  When you keep the device active and charging the power received is directly consumed by the resources Such as (Screen light) used on the mobile, therefore, leading to a prolonged or irregular charging style.

Although new devices such as REDMI provides a fast charging feature for their devices when you don’t have to wait more than 10 minutes of charging to get 100% back to your device. But, if you don’t have that luxury, then this is –

What To Do: 

If you want very effective and optimized battery charging, don’t operate your devices while they are connected to power. Allow the device to charge with less activity or none till the battery is full.

2. Damaged Charging Port 

You can experience a delay in the charging time of your devices because the charging port is damaged or broken. The first type of USB charging port by Android received a lot of reports about the charging port pattern. The clip sometimes tends to wear out and the pin is not properly contacting the host for proper charging.

What To Do

Make sure to check the charging port is not worn out and the charger is well clipped to the port. This could be done by you or a technician or professional.

3. Incompatible Charger Or Cable

The use of an incompatible or economic charger to power your device is not a good idea. There is a certified charger that comes with every mobile device purchased and this has been designed to meet the exact charging requirements. However, when people lose their original or certified charger, they tend to purchase a lower or incompatible one. Any gadget (Charger or Cable) that comes with your device is perfectly made to serve it, it takes the manufacturer to make another dummy that will match the exact spec of the device.

What To Do:

In case you lose or spoil your charger, go to the manufacturer’s store and get a new one for yourself. This way, you are sure of the original and compatible gadgets for your device. Don’t be economical when replacing this gadget because the overall efficiency of your device depends on it. Delayed and irregular charging affects the device performance and in turn, will affect your usage

4. Wrong/ Irregular Power Source

It is advisable to charge your device directly from the power source and not a third party device such as a Laptop or Desktop. This is a common way to damage your battery lifespan. Using a device such as a laptop as power, not only weakens the laptop battery life but also your mobile phone. Another way is to connect to a low current flow circuit. When the current supply is low, the device would take more time to recharge and this hurts the battery life as well.

What To Do 

Don’t use a laptop as your charging source it is not advisable. Make sure the current is full and stable before you connect your device.

5. Background Data/ Apps Running

Some mobile apps are set to keep running upon installation as long as the device is connected to the internet. While some apps are essential for the functionality of the device as they are the heartbeat or primary apps, others come with features to be always on. Many people don’t turn their data off and this could be for many important reasons, but the apps in the background are consuming the battery as well.

What To Do:

If you must leave your data on, turn of the background apps on the setting page of your device. Sometimes we are not aware that 25 apps are simultaneously running and using power In our devices. Turn off their automatic background running feature to maximize charging time.

6. Manufacturers’ / Technical Glitch

This is the last because you practically might have no control over this and hence the device should be returned if it is still within the warranty period or otherwise taken for repair. Manufacturers always have a percentage of devices that could have glitches and this is why there is a callback or warranty on new purchases. If you experience this slow charging issue after trying all the above tips then go to a technician.

What To Do 

Report the issue to the technical support of the device or return to point of purchase within the warranty period.


The above causes and solutions are the commonest and sure would go a long way in solving the issue of slow charging you experience on your devices.

However, if you need further explanation and clarity on any tip listed above, feel free to comment below



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