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Essential Success Tips For A Freshman College Student

Essential Success Tips For A Freshman College Student

Essential Success Tips For A Freshman College Student

Essential Success Tips For A Freshman College Student

As the new session begins and for some their first and others returnees, there is a need to reiterate the rules of engagement for academic excellence. Every glory has a story and every, success goes through a process. This article provides tips on how to be a successful student in the coming session and also how to remain on top of the class.

1. Self-Discipline

This is the mother of all tips because it starts from here all the way up. Self-discipline gives you an edge over others when it comes to constructive and productive thinking and choice. It is very difficult but once overcame makes every other tip a walkover.

Whatever you permit, PERSISTS, You are the Product of You decision and indecision

Being self-disciplined means valuing your time and making decisions that sometimes might be pretty hard. It’s also about establishing a schedule and following it, putting enough time and effort into studies (even if they are boring), and setting the right short-term goals.

A university is a place with diverse temptations like late-night parties, laziness, and alcohol, so it’s often hard for a person to concentrate on their studies. That is why college years might become a real challenge for one’s self-discipline.

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2. Strict Time Management

How often do we hear people complaining that they can’t find time to do something? However, there are also people who can study, work, and even manage to raise kids and have hobbies at the same time. How is it possible? Do the latter have more than 24 hours in a day? No. They just can manage their time successfully.

Time management is not about finding an activity to keep you busy but rather being objective when it comes to planning ahead and setting tasks. When you know how much time you need to complete an assignment, it’s easy to plan your evening and spend time effectively.

You don’t plan when the time is already ticking against you, you plan ahead of time

By establishing a schedule and planning your activities beforehand, you can achieve success in studying while keeping your social life. When one knows how to manage their time, they tend to procrastinate less and get to work when they get the task instead of waiting until the very last moment.

Essential Success Tips For A Freshman College Student

That’s the main reason why students with great time management skills rarely miss the deadlines – they had it in their schedule and completed the task beforehand. If you face difficulties with managing and planning your time, you can turn to us for assistance with your assignments.

3. Personal Spending Management

As a freshman, you should know that schooling away from home would require a lot of sacrifices, especially for average homes. The need for strict and judicious spending to be able to survive as a freshman. You don’t need to buy everything you see and spend every penny in your hand.

Money comes with a temptation to readily spending it but the repercurssion of eventually lacking it

Every college student should be able to plan their spending ahead and rationally use their budget. It’s hard considering all the temptations, like parties, concerts, and fashionable clothes. However, college teaches how to make priorities.

4. Health And Well Being Management

Freshmen leaving the comfort of their homes for the first realize they have no clue about domestic duties and chores. Also, for some, they lack the ability to take care of their bodies and personal hygiene.

If you are laughing while reading this, then you are probably one of those students who were taught how to take care of yourself and your home, and that’s a great start already.

As you get into college you become responsible for yourself, doing and get things done without the help of your parents or guardian.

So, being acquainted with different medicines and health/beauty routines is highly suggested. Also, the importance of having adequate and proper rest and sleep per time.

Essential Success Tips For A Freshman College Student


5. Good Communication Skills

There’s nothing wrong with being introverted or shy. However, college is not really that place where you can easily avoid communication. So, future (or present) college students should really work on their communication skills.

Talking to your professor, roommate, or classmates might seem intimidating if you are a rather shy person, however, practice is what you need to feel more comfortable in a conversation. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Keep a friendly approach. It’s always awkward when a person with who you are speaking seems to not enjoy this conversation (but rather treats you as a burden). You wouldn’t want that to happen to you, right? So, don’t be the person who acts like that in the first place. Many shy people seem hostile when approached. Don’t do that, control your facial expression, and be friendly when someone starts talking to you.
  • Be a good listener. There is hardly anything ruder than interrupting a person while they are speaking or not paying attention to the conversation. Make sure to learn how to listen to a person in order to become better in communicating.
  • Show your interest. Ask questions – they are great for establishing contact and finding something in common.

6. Learn To Make Adequate Research On Assignments

Being in college means writing tons of assignments, which also means knowing how to do your research. This is the type of skill that will significantly help you with your written assignments – saving you time and improving your grade.

Learn how to conduct research and look for the right sources for your works while you are still in high school to make sure you are ready for college assignments. And if you are a college student already, improve your researching skills by creating a list of reliable sources such as Google Scholar in your computer for easier access and learning some tips and tricks on googling the needed keywords.

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