Health Tech Firm Launches Telemedicine Platform Service

Health Tech Firm Launches Telemedicine Platform Service

Health Tech Firm Launches Telemedicine Platform Service

Health Tech Firm Launches Telemedicine Platform Service

Medismarts Limited, a health technology business, has introduced a telemedicine platform service to make sure health insurance providers, hospitals, and specialists can easily connect patients to care using its technology platform.

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The business claimed that software and application programming interfaces will enable seamless healthcare delivery.

Obinna Osuji, co-founder and CEO of Medismarts Limited, said in a statement on Thursday that the company’s clients would be able to instantly confirm their eligibility, authorize services at hospitals, and simplify the submission and payment of electronic claims thanks to the APIs and software solutions.

Health Tech Firm Launches Telemedicine Platform Service

Explaining how the platform works, Osuji said the telemedicine service would make it possible for patients and customers to schedule appointments just like regular hospital visits in order to fit into the schedule of doctors.

He added that a patient gets a notification once the appointment is booked and the doctor also gets a notification and has his/her calendar blocked for the scheduled time.

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“Once it is a few minutes to the appointment time, an email goes out to both the doctor and the patients reminding them of the upcoming appointments and also puts a link to join the in the body of the email. At the appointment start time, the patient and the doctor can click on the link to join the session.

“If the healthcare provider does not have an existing EMR solution then we are able to handle all of the set up for them. This starts with uploading their doctors’ calendars, making scheduling possible and patients can book appointments to see the doctors via our telemedicine platform.

Health Tech Firm Launches Telemedicine Platform Service

“During the session, doctors can take notes, capture diagnoses, make prescriptions, view past history of medical records, order for tests, and upload test results. Since our platform has voice, video, and chat capabilities, it enhances the overall experience for the patients,” Osuji said.

According to him, with the advent of COVID-19 in 2020 and its accompanying lockdown, one of the areas greatly impacted was access to health care because there was very limited movement and people could not get access to hospitals.

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“As a result, there was a need to be creative and deploy technology as leverage to be able to deliver healthcare services. A lot of solutions came up during this time and this began to make healthcare accessible via telemedicine,” Osuji said.

He added that the company reviewed the gaps/challenges and decided to come up with a solution that would make it easy for any healthcare provider to essentially start offering telemedicine solutions without having to worry about technology.

Health Tech Firm Launches Telemedicine Platform Service

“Our telemedicine solution is essentially designed with flexibility in mind. A healthcare provider reaches out to us in need of a telemedicine solution. We find out from them if they have existing EMR software which they would like to plug the telemedicine solution into.


“If they have existing EMR software we may charge a token to integrate our platform with this software and this immediately makes synergy possible between the two applications. The list of the doctors and their calendars are made available to the telemedicine platform via this integration thereby making it an extension of their existing platform. Our aim is to achieve the simplest possible workflow for healthcare providers so that the handshake is natural,” he said.

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