How to Accept a Shared Album Invite on iPhone (2023)

How to Accept a Shared Album Invite on iPhone (2023)

How to Accept a Shared Album Invite on iPhone (2023)


Do you want to accept an album invite using your iPhone? then this article is for you

This article explains and also demonstrates how to enjoy albums created by others by accepting invites on an iPhone


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Ready to accept an invitation to join a shared photo album on iPhone? Just follow these steps:

You need to have Shared Albums enabled in your Photos settings at Settings > Photos > Shared Albums to accept invitations.

  1. After the owner of the album sends you the invitation, a notification should appear on your screen or in Notification Center. Once it does, tap it.

  2. If the notification doesn’t appear, tap the Photos app.

    Note: Depending on your notification settings, you may see a badge on the Photos app icon when there’s a pending invitation.

  3. If you’re not taken to it right away, tap For You.

  4. The shared album invitation is explained here. Tap Accept to join the album.

  5. The shared album is added to the top of the screen. Tap the name of the album to view its photos.

  6. Also, All of the photos in the album are displayed here. Depending on the settings of the album, you may be able to add your own photos to it by tapping the +.

Note: Once you’ve accepted a share album invitation, you can control how you see the photos in the album. Tap  and the menu gives you options including SortFilters (to see only photos or videos), to see where all photos were taken on a map, or to play the photos as a slideshow, among other choices.


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