How To Accurately Calculate Your University CGPA And GPA (2023)

How To Accurately Calculate Your University CGPA And GPA (2023)

How To Accurately Calculate Your University CGPA And GPA (2023)

How To Accurately Calculate Your University CGPA And GPA (2023)

They claim that learning never stops. It is also something that develops gradually. Knowing things is crucial. The major function of the human brain is knowledge accumulation, storage, and retrieval of Information stored.

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The acquisition of these skills involves both active and passive learning. Let’s first define learning, and then we’ll quickly go over active and passive learning.

What Is Learning?

Learning is a systematic process of acquiring knowledge. It is the process of creating a mental readiness in other to adopt new and defined information through theories or practical means. One has to be ready to learn in other to actually learn. That brings us to the concept of active and passive learning processes.


Active learning is the conscious positioning of the body and mind in a formal or informal setting with the goal of learning. In this situation, the knowledge may be either completely new to you or an explanation of or insight into previously learned knowledge. One of the key characteristics of active learning is that it is done consciously, with deliberate planning and attention. On the other side, passive learning refers to the learning process that doesn’t always need to take place in formal settings and preparations.

How To Accurately Calculate Your University CGPA And GPA (2023)

It is a type of learning process that takes place in informal environments and natural settings. Even though it could take place anywhere and at any time, it is usually not envisaged or prepared for, rather, it comes as a result of interest capturing, reoccurrences, subtle reminders, and many other means. Flowing the above concepts, we can categorically state that, when it comes to active learning, certain establishments or institutions are put in place to effectively impact knowledge through the learning  process.

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There are basic terminologies used in regards to grading system. Some of these terms includes; Grade Point Average (GPA), Credit Unit (CU), Quality Point (QP) and a few others (we will be making use of these few to drive home our point). It is important to know your grade points in the university, especially for fresh students or those that were newly admitted, the importance can be hinged on the fact that it keeps the student his or her toes in terms of academic performance thereby helping the individual to stay focused. It has been a major challenge learning and understanding how to actually calculate GPA and know your actual grade point or GP. The GP or GPA is usually calculated on a semester basis.

In this section, we will clearly show how GPA can be calculated to aid university students who are really finding it difficult to compute their GPs.

What Are GPA And CGPA?

Let us start with the basics before going into some calculations. A lot of students do not know what GPA and CGPA really mean and how it could ensure their success or doom.

If you want to stay on top of carryover or backlogs; I mean you want to excel in your studies and graduate with a good grade, then knowing how to calculate GPA and CGPA in school is a must. GPA simply means Grade Point Average.

That is a measure of a student’s academic achievement at a college or university; calculated by dividing the total number of acquired Grade Points by the total number of Course Units received. The CGPA or the Cumulative Grade Point Average is the average (didn’t see that coming?) of Grade Point that you’ve obtained in all of your subjects except the 6th additional subject.

The meaning of CGPA is easy enough, right? It has been around since 2011 and students have gotten pretty used to it. However, there is one important fact that you need to remember – CGPA and percentages are different things.

How To Accurately Calculate Your University CGPA And GPA (2023)

Don’t confuse them! There is a different method to calculate your percentage. In order to calculate your percentage, you will have to follow the steps below.

 Calculate Your CGPA And GPA In The University

Step 1: The university semester examinations and assessments for courses and modules are classified into Grades represented by letters of the alphabet, ranging from A, B, C, D, E, to F) these are indicators of what a student’s performance looks like in a particular course.


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Step 2: Every Course or module in the university carries a fixed Credit Unit (CU) usually between 2 to 6 CU. Then, Quality points (QP) are gotten by multiplying the Credit Units (CU) of a course by the student’s Grade Point (GP) for the particular course.

Let’s take a look at a practical example of the points explained above:

If student XYZ takes the following courses, English, Literature, Psychology, and Philosophy, whatever the student scores in any of these courses will have a grade representation of either A, B, C, D, E or F. For Instance, if he scores the following marks; English- 70 and above, he will be awarded an A, Literature – from 50 to 59, he will be awarded a C, Psychology – 40 to 44, he will be awarded an E, Philosophy – 60 to 69, he will be awarded a C. Anything below 40 will attract an F which implies a failure in that particular course.

Another important thing to learn here is that each score represented by an alphabet has a particular grade point. See below;

A = 5

B = 4

C = 3

D = 2

E = 1

F = 0

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How To Accurately Calculate Your University CGPA And GPA (2023)


To calculate a particular semester GPA below is a practical example

Where a course is said to be a 3 Credit Unit course, and then a student scores 65% which attracts a B with a Grade Point of 4, the Quality points for the student in that particular course would reflect thus, 3 x 4 = 12. This applies to the other courses the student is studying then, add them up to get your Total Quality Points (TQP).

To get the Grade Point Average (GPA) you have to divide the Total Quality point (TQP) for that semester by the Total Credit Unit (TCU) for that semester. Your Total Credit Unit is a summation of the credit units of all the courses you studied for the semester.

So, where a student earned about 60 quality points in a semester for 18 Credit Units, to get the actual GPA, divide the Quality Points by the Credit Units.

Example; 60/18 = 3.3 GPA.

Step 3: The Cumulative Grade Point Average of a student (CGPA) is gotten by adding the Total Quality Points (TQP) for all the semesters completed and then, dividing it by the Total Credit Units (TCU) for all semesters completed.


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The cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of a student can be calculated this;

Where a student earnrd a Quality Point of 58 for 18 Credit Units in her first semester and then earns QP of 70 for 20 CU in her second semester, her CGPA would be represented in this format, TQP/TCU = (58 + 70) / (18 + 20) = 128/38 = 3.3 CGPA.


GPA and CGPA are grading systems and evaluation semantics in the university. While GPA is calculated after a semester, CGPA is or can be calculated after a session, comprising two semesters or at the time of graduation to ascertain the overall performance of an individual student.

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