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How To Add/Edit A Drop-Down List In Google Sheets

How To Add/Edit A Drop-Down List In Google Sheets

How To Add/Edit A Drop-Down List In Google Sheets

Adding and removing items from drop-down menus in your spreadsheets is simple with Google Sheets. You can also adjust the settings for your drop-down menus, or even eliminate them entirely if you like. Here’s how you can do it.

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Sheets allow you to make modifications to your drop-downs individually. This allows you to pick a drop-down and make changes to it while leaving the rest of the drop-downs alone.

How To Add/Edit A Drop-Down List In Google Sheets

To make changes to the drop-down list items in your spreadsheets, first, open Google Sheets in a web browser on your computer. Then go to the spreadsheet that contains your drop-down lists.

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Select the cells on your spreadsheet screen that contain the drop-down items you want to change.

Select drop-down lists.

While your drop-down menus are selected, in Google Sheets’ menu bar, click Data > Data Validation.

Select Data > Data Validation from the menu bar.

A “Data Validation” window will open where you’ll customize your drop-down list items.

The "Data Validation" window.

In this window, the “Criteria” menu defines the kind of items your drop-down menus have. To add or remove items, then use the box next to this menu.


How To Add/Edit A Drop-Down List In Google Sheets

You can create a new list item by putting a comma followed by the name of the item. You can also delete an item from the list by clearing it. On this window, you are free to adjust any other choices you wish.

When you’re finished, click “Save” at the bottom of the “Data Validation” window.

Edit drop-down list items and click "Save."

Your spreadsheet will now display the updated items in your drop-down lists.

You’re probably wondering what happens to the cells where you’ve selected a list item that’s no longer available. In those cells, Sheets displays a warning message saying the entered item is invalid. You’ll want to select a new valid item from the drop-down list in these cells.

Invalid drop-down entries.

How To Add/Edit A Drop-Down List In Google Shee

If you’d like to remove a drop-down list from a cell, select that cell and choose Data > Data Validation in the menu bar. Then, on the “Data Validation” window, click “Remove Validation.”

Choose "Remove Validation."

Your drop-down list is now removed, but the values you selected previously are still there for you to use.

Drop-down list items removed.

And that’s how you edit your drop-down lists in Google Sheets to add new items as well as remove existing ones. Very useful!


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