How to Add Music to Snapchat (2022)

How to Add Music to Snapchat (2022)

How to Add Music to Snapchat (2022)

How to Add Music to Snapchat (2022)


Do you want to add music or songs to your snap? then this article is for you

This article describes how to record your own sounds or use the built-in featured sounds to add sound to your Snapchat photos and videos.




You may automatically include a variety of song clips from Snapchat into your photo or video snaps. Snapchat’s included sound collection is not as extensive as Tik Tok’s. However, you can use the search feature to look for particular tracks or noises.

  1. Launch Snapchat and tap the Camera icon

  2. Tap Music (musical notes icon) from the menu on the top right.

  3. A Featured tab will open. You’ll see a Playlists category with various genres as well as a Popular category with a list of tracks.

  4. Explore the genres and featured music available, or enter a keyword or song title into the Search field.

  5. Tap the Play icon next to any track to preview the music.

  6. When you decide on a track, tap Next at the bottom of the screen.

  7. You’ll see a slider above the Record icon, allowing you to choose a snippet of the song to include in your Snap.

  8. Record your video for your Snap. You’ll see a sticker displaying the song title and artist. (You can reposition this sticker if you like.)

  9. Continue editing or adding features like stickers and filters as you usually would usually, then send the Snap or post it to your Story.

    Note: If you’ve already taken or recorded a Snap, you can add the music afterward using these same steps.


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If you don’t find a sound you want to use from Snapchat’s built-in featured music, you can record your own and automatically add it to your Snap.

  1. Navigate to Snapchat’s music and sound options. On the Featured tab, tap + Create Sound.

  2. Tap Upload from Camera Roll to use sound from a video, or tap Record Sound. In this example, we’ll select Record Sound.

  3. Tap the microphone to start recording your sound.

  4. Tap Record to stop recording.

  5. Name the sound and tap Save Sound.

    Note: You can choose to make the sound public by toggling on the slider next to Make this sound public?

  6. To use the saved sound, tap the musical notes from the camera screen, then select the My Sounds tab

  7. Tap the Play icon next to your sound, then tap Next.

  8. Adjust the sound slider, if necessary, then take or record your Snap. Add any filters or enhancements, and tap Send To to send your Snap with the custom sound.


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