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How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Writing A Motivation Letter For Scholarship (2022)

How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Writing A Motivation Letter For Scholarship (2022)
How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Writing A Motivation Letter For Scholarship (2022)

How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Writing A Motivation Letter For Scholarship (2022)

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Motivation Letter For Scholarship (2022)

As we already know, the motivation letter is the most important document when it comes to winning a scholarship in another country. In addition, a well-written motivation letter also facilitates the attainment of employment and even volunteering.

However, the motivation letter for a scholarship is not only about mentioning your desires to obtain new opportunities but about defending the idea of ​​why it should be you and not one of the other very capable candidates.

(1) Fewer Words and More Facts

It is easy to express your desire to travel or study in a certain country but it is difficult to express the reasons why they should choose you. Many of us want to travel, expand our vision of the world, improve other languages ​​and improve our quality of life, but in reality what you should do to make you worthy of that prize.

It begins to replace phrases like “my dream has always been xyz” because “my achievements have been …” to “I consider I am the ideal candidate because …” and / or “my work is characterized by …” Remember that the prize does not go to the one who most want it, but the one that correctly demonstrates deserving it


(2) Take Ownership and Demonstrate Deep Knowledge

In the above paragraph, I do not mean that your wishes are not taken into account. These are important to the extent that you prove, you clearly know what you want and why you deserve it. As an example I want to show you an excerpt from one of the motivation letters for a scholarship which come to me recently to be corrected:


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“What particularly attracted me to the program is the broad spectrum of skills to be developed that it offers, the quality of the faculty and the internship program; all these aspects will make it possible to win different opportunities at the time of employment …”

Here the applicant is staying in the basics. Underlined words can be explained to demonstrate ownership and mastery of the topic because knowledge = motivation. An alternative is:


Common Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Motivation Letter 

“What particularly attracted me to the Modern Art program is the possibility of specializing in lighting and sound, as well as the teaching staff, which has world-renowned professors. Another reason why I prefer this program is the opportunity to have direct contact with exhibitions in one of the capitals of modern art in the world through the professional practices that are offered in the last semester.”

Another of my tips to demonstrate knowledge is that you replace words like ‘I believe’ with ‘I know’ or ‘I’m sure that …’

(3) It matters more what you will do for them

That your reasons should not be limited to the comfort of living in a developed country. The study scholarship providers expect you to be genuinely interested in the study program and the positive impact you will make with what you learn. To make it more clear: they do not care a whistle that you feel safer, happier, richer or healthier living in the country offering the scholarship. What they want to know is how the hell you will return to society the investment they will make in you. Tranquil! They do not want money. Count the contribution you will make in terms of cultural exchange, what you can teach the other students or teachers, the extracurricular clubs you can contribute to and other cooperation projects that you have in mind.

Tip: If the scholarship requires you to return to your country of origin upon completion of the study program, it is important that you mention how you will apply in your country what you intend to learn.


(4) The rules are the rules

Finally, limit the letter of motivation to what it is and what they ask you. If they tell you 1 sheet, send a sheet. Please, do not expect that the scholarship provider will exempt you from some of the requirements for the motivation letter. If they ask you for IELTS band 7, it is 7 and not 6.5, the same with certified work experience: two years are 24 months and not 22 and a half, etc. However it is beautiful to show that you deserve the scholarship and not to convince them that you have worked hard but have not been able to meet the other requirements. If you do not comply with all the requirements, give yourself time because there are always new application dates and scholarship opportunities.

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