Home Learn How To Apple/Mac/iOS How to Back Up Contacts to iPhone SIM (2023)

How to Back Up Contacts to iPhone SIM (2023)

How to Back Up Contacts to iPhone SIM (2023)
How to Back Up Contacts to iPhone SIM (2023)

How to Back Up Contacts to iPhone SIM (2023)

How to Back Up Contacts to iPhone SIM (2023)


Do you want to back up your iPhone contacts? then this article is for you

You cannot transfer contacts from your phone’s address book to the SIM card of an iPhone. However, that doesn’t exclude you from backing up your contacts. Simply approach it in a different manner. What you should know is as follows.



If you’re truly committed to copying contacts to your SIM, there is one way to make this happen: jailbreaking your iPhone.

Jailbreaking can give you all kinds of options that Apple doesn’t include by default. Remember that jailbreaking can be a tricky business and isn’t recommended for users who don’t have a lot of technical skills. You can damage your phone or void your iPhone warranty when you jailbreak it.

And, even if you do this, why bother backing up only address book data? Don’t you want to back up and transfer all of your data from one phone to another? Your computer and iCloud are definitely better for that.


Forget SIM cards. Transfer your data from your iPhone to a new device using one of these methods:

  • USING A COMPUTER: If you’re replacing your current iPhone with a new one, transferring your data is part of the setup process. All you need to do is connect the new phone to the computer that you synced the old one with and then restore that backup data to your new phone.


  • USING ICLOUD: iCloud works very much like your computer when you’re setting up a new device. Also, if you sync your data to iCloud on one device, any other compatible device that also syncs with iCloud will automatically get that information.


  • USING OTHER SERVICES: If the data you care most about transferring is your address book and you’re not locked into Apple’s ecosystem, the tool you do use probably supports a convenient way to transfer your contacts. You can sync iPhone contacts with Google and Yahoo address books or, if you use a product based on Microsoft Exchange, your contacts automatically import when you connect your Exchange account.


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