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How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Subscription (2022)

How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Subscription (2022)

How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Subscription (2022)

Cancel Your Amazon Prime Subscription (2022)

If you are an Amazon Prime user and you are tired or you found a better offer, but, you don’t know how to cancel. This article is for you.

There are numerous advantages to becoming an Amazon Prime member. On hundreds of millions of products, you can get free two-day shipping (or less), unlimited photo storage, and unlimited film and music streaming.


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However, despite all of the benefits, there are plenty of reasons to discontinue your membership. For instance, the annual charge has just increased by 17 percent to $139 (or $180 if paid monthly), and the company’s carbon footprint is significant due to the massive quantity of packaging and delivery trucks required.

Or maybe you just don’t see the point in sticking around, which is just acceptable. You have the option to cancel. Check out the steps below to see how to do it.

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Below is A Step By Step Procedure on How To Cancel You Amazon Prime Subscription 2022

Cancel Your Amazon Prime Subscription (2022)

  1. Sign in to Amazon and go to Accounts & Lists in the upper right corner of the homepage’s drop-down menu. Select the Prime Membership option from the drop-down menu. The type of membership you have, the annual cost, the renewal date, and the option to manage your subscription will all be displayed.
  2. Then, at the bottom of the drop-down menu, select Manage Membership and End Membership.
  3. Amazon will try to persuade you to stay by describing the advantages you’ll lose if you quit. Keep My Benefits, Cancel My Benefits, or Remind Me Later are the options available. If you opt to be notified later, Amazon will send you an email three days before your membership expires.


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