Home Learn How To Apple/Mac/iOS How to Change the Color of Apps on iOS 14 (2023)

How to Change the Color of Apps on iOS 14 (2023)

How to Change the Color of Apps on iOS 14 (2023)
How to Change the Color of Apps on iOS 14 (2023)

How to Change the Color of Apps on iOS 14 (2023)

How to Change the Color of Apps on iOS 14 (2023)


Do you want to change your app color on iOS 14? then this article is for you

This article explains how to modify the color of your app icons on iPhones running iOS 14 by using the Shortcuts app.



Before you begin the process to customize your app icons, make sure your iPhone is updated to the most current version of iOS 14 available.

  1. Open the Shortcut app.

    Note: On newer versions of the iPhone, this app is probably already installed. However, on older iPhones, you may need to download it from the Apple App Store.

  2. In the top right corner of the app, click the + (plus).

  3. On the New Shortcut screen, tap Add Action.

  4. Search for the Open app and tap it in the search results.

  5. On the New Shortcut page, tap Choose.

  6. On the Choose App page, scroll through and find the app whose icon you want to change. In this example, the app is Photos.

    Note: Alternatively, you can type the app’s name in the Search Apps search bar at the top of the page and then choose the app from the list of results.

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  7. You’ll return to the New Shortcut page, and the name of the app will appear in place of where you tapped Choose before. Tap the three-dot menu at the top of the page.

  8. On the details page, change the name of the app. Just tap in the Shortcut Name field and type something new.

    Note: Make the new name something you recognize as associated with the app when you select it.

    How to Change the Color of Apps on iOS 14 (2023)


  9. Then, tap the icon beside the app name on the Details screen.

  10. It opens a selection page to choose the icon you would like to use for the app and the color you would like displayed. First, tap Color and then select the color you would like the icon to be.

  11. Then tap Glyph and choose the symbol you would like displayed on your app icon. There is no option to have a glyph displayed, so choose the closest match you can find.

  12. When you’ve made these selections tap Done.

  13. You’re returned to the Details page. Tap Add to Home Screen.

  14. You’ll be taken to a preview page where you can see what your app icon will look like. Tap Add.

  15. Then you’re returned to the Details page, and a brief confirmation will appear on the page. You can exit the Shortcuts app now and find your new app icon on your Home Screen.


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