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How To Change Your AirPods’ Name Using iPhone (2022)

How To Change Your AirPods’ Name Using iPhone (2022)

How To Change Your AirPods’ Name Using iPhone (2022)

Airdrops are great devices that come in handy and aid audio usability and feature on iPhone and other Apple devices.

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You may make it easier to find your AirPods among other Bluetooth-enabled devices by giving them a distinctive name. It’s simple to rename your AirPods, and you can do so with an Apple smartphone. We’ll show you how to do it.

Change the Name of Your AirPods Using an iPhone

To update the name of your AirPods with your iPhone, make sure your iPhone is linked and connected to them.

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Then open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap “Bluetooth.”

Select "Bluetooth" in Settings.

On the “Bluetooth” page, find your AirPods in the list. Then, next to your AirPods, tap the “i” icon.

Tap "i" next to the AirPods.

On the AirPods page, tap the “Name” field.

Select "Name."

On the “Name” screen that opens, delete the existing name by tapping “X.”

Tap "X" next to the current name.

Tap the field and type a new name for your AirPods, then hit Enter.

Type a new AirPods name and hit Enter.

And that’s it. Your AirPods will now use your newly-specified name, and you will see this name appear instantly on all your other Apple devices. Enjoy!


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