How to Change Your Facebook Cover Photo (2022)

How to Change Your Facebook Cover Photo (2022)

How to Change Your Facebook Cover Photo (2022)

How to Change Your Facebook Cover Photo (2022)


Do you want to change your cover photo? then this article is for you

This article explains how to change your Facebook cover photo using a computer or the Facebook mobile app. It includes tips and information related to changing your cover photo.



Changing your cover photo is easy and will immediately revamp how your Facebook profile looks. The cover photo is different from your profile image; it’s much larger and sits above and behind your profile picture.

  1. Open Facebook and select your name to get to your profile page.

  2. Scroll to the top of the page to see the entire cover photo area.

  3. Choose Edit cover photo.

    If it’s a Facebook Page you’re updating, choose Edit.

  4. Choose an appropriate option:

    • Select Photo lets you pick an existing image from your Facebook page.
    • Upload Photo is for just that: select a photo from your computer that you want as the cover photo.
    • Reposition lets you change how the existing cover photo looks. You might do this if it’s not showing the whole image, or you want to refocus on a different part of the photo.
    • Remove is for deleting your cover photo.

    There are additional options for pages: Choose From Videos and Create Slideshow.

  5. Follow the directions for the option you chose. For example, if you picked Select Photo, choose an image you’ve already uploaded.

  6. Drag the cover photo to position it how you want.

  7. Select Save Changes.

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Follow these steps to change your cover photo from the Facebook app:

Specific steps may differ based on the operating system version you’re running, but the basic process will be the same.

  1. Select the menu button at the top right of the app.

  2. Tap your profile picture.

  3. Select the camera icon at the bottom of your existing cover photo.

    • Upload a photo to pick an image from your device.
    • Select a photo on Facebook to make a previously uploaded image the cover photo. This might be called Select from the album on some devices.
    • Create a cover collage to choose images on your device that you want to combine into a collage for your photo.

      Select one of these options:

  4. Locate and select the image you want to use for your Facebook cover photo.

  5. Drag the image if you need to so that it fits correctly in the cover photo area, and then tap Save or Use.


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