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How to Clean a Wireless Mouse (2023)


How to Clean a Wireless Mouse (2023)

How to Clean a Wireless Mouse (2023)


Do you want to learn how to clean a wireless mouse? then this article is for you

Learn how to clean your wireless mouse in this how-to article. A cleaning solution, cotton swabs, cleaning wipes, and a can of compressed air are required.



Cleaning a wireless mouse takes about five to 10 minutes. Here’s how to do it.

  1. If the mouse has an on/off switch, switch it off.

  2. Using a can of compressed air, spray between the scroll wheel and the click buttons if there’s a gap between the two.

    Note: Don’t blow air directly on one spot for very long, or condensation can form.

  3. Use a damp cleaning wipe to wipe the body of the mouse.

  4. Scrub any stubborn marks and stains on the mouse’s bottom surface pads. The four feet areas at the corners of the bottom surface need particular attention. These areas glide over the surface of the mouse pad and pick up grime.

  5. Lightly dampen a cotton swab with the cleaning solution. Use it to brush out the dust around the laser or LED. Be gentle when brushing around the laser or LED.

    Note: Don’t wipe the laser or LED directly with the swab. Also, don’t press into it. You might dislodge it.

  6. Use a dry cotton swab to wipe the area around the laser or LED. Avoid touching the laser or LED.

  7. Allow the mouse to dry thoroughly before using it.

Note: Alcohol isn’t recommended as it can remove the color from a mouse. Mild dish detergent is suggested.


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