How to Close Apps on an Apple Watch (2023)

How to Close Apps on an Apple Watch (2023)

How to Close Apps on an Apple Watch (2023)

How to Close Apps on an Apple Watch (2023)


Do you want to close apps on your Apple Watch? then this article is for you

How to close an open app on an Apple Watch Series 3 or later is covered in this article. Additionally, it explains how to restart the Apple Watch and force apps to shut.


It could be time to close a few apps if your Apple Watch is running slowly, is losing battery life quickly, or is stuck in a program. Your Apple Watch gets a fresh start, its functionality is restored, and it helps you get back to work when you close apps you’re not using.

Follow these steps if you’re ready to clean up the active apps on your Apple Watch by closing those you aren’t using.

  1. On your Apple Watch, press and release the side button (not the digital crown) once.

  2. Using your finger or the digital crown, scroll through the open apps.

  3. Select the app you want to close and swipe from right to left on it. Tap the large X in a red box to close the app.

Closing an app does not remove it from the Apple Watch.



When an app freezes on your Apple Watch, press and hold the side button until the shutdown screen appears, and then press and hold the digital crown until the app closes.

Note: You must be in the app to force it to close.


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