How to Connect a Mac to a TV (2022)

How to Connect a Mac to a TV (2022)

How to Connect a Mac to a TV (2022)

How to Connect a Mac to a TV (2022)

Do you need to connect your Mac to a TV? Then this article is for you

It’s convenient to have a larger screen for work or to stream content from your Mac computer to a television. The simplest way to connect your MacBook to your TV if it has a smart TV is by utilizing AirPlay.


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  1. On your Macbook, go to Settings > Displays.
  2. Select the dropdown for the option for AirPlay Display.
  3. Choose the smart TV or device you want to use as a display for your MacBook.

  4. Once the connection is made, you may have a small window appear on your smart TV. If you want to use your TV as a second display for your MacBook, select Gather Windows on your MacBook screen to pull all your windows together and extend your screen. You can then use your TV as if it were a second monitor.

  5. If you want to mirror your MacBook screen to your smart TV, then select Arrangement on your Display Settings and choose Mirror Display.


When you’re finished and want to disconnect the monitor, use the instructions above, and in Step 3, select Off.


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