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How to Connect a Pixel Watch to Your Phone (2023)

 How to Connect a Pixel Watch to Your Phone (2023)

How to Connect a Pixel Watch to Your Phone (2023)

How to Connect a Pixel Watch to Your Phone (2023)

How to Connect a Pixel Watch to Your Phone (2023)


Do you want to pair and connect your Pixel Watch to your phone? then this article is for you

How you can connect a Pixel Watch to an Android phone is described in this article. These guidelines apply to the following three situations: You want to use your Pixel Watch with a new phone, you detached a previously set-up watch and need to pair it again, or you’re setting up a brand-new Pixel Watch for the first time with your phone.


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Unlike how you might pair headphones to your phone, connecting Pixel Watch to an Android phone requires a special app.

  1. Install the Google Pixel Watch app on your phone. Also, take this time to bring the phone and watch near each other so they have a solid connection.

  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, if it’s not already on.

    Note: On a Pixel, for example, the Bluetooth toggle is in Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences > Bluetooth.

  3. Turn on Pixel Watch, if it’s not already on, by holding down the crown for a few seconds or until you see activity on the watch.

  4. On the watch, choose your preferred language from the list.

  5. From the app on your phone, select Continue on the Set up your new watch screen.

  6. Read the terms and conditions, and then tap I agree.

  7. When your phone identifies the watch, tap it from the list, and then choose Continue.

  8. After you see the Bluetooth pairing code, confirm that the same number is on the watch, and then tap Pair or Confirm, depending on the screen you see.

  9. Pixel Watch is now paired with your phone! You can continue the setup procedure from the Google Pixel Watch app.


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