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How To Convert Videos To GIFs On Your iPhone

How To Convert Videos To GIFs On Your iPhone

How To Convert Videos To GIFs On Your iPhone

Convert Videos To GIFs On Your iPhone

GIFs may be made from any video on your iPhone using a variety of third-party apps and services. How do you choose from such a wide range of options? Is it better to pay for a high-quality GIF on the App Store, or to use a dubious web service that requires you to jump through hoops to receive it? In some cases, it’s wise to choose neither.

With the Shortcuts app and the right shortcut, you can convert any video in the Photos app into an animated GIF easily — without having to install an app or open a web browser.

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To create an animated gif, simply run the “Video To GIF” shortcut, select the desired video, then click “Generate GIF” to begin. With the shortcut, you don’t have to worry about consuming a lot of space on your phone or tablet, processing the video in just a matter of a few seconds, or losing any of the movie’s quality. In addition, all the processing is done on your iPhone, so it only needs five actions.


  • Shortcuts: When you upgrade to iOS 13 or later, you’ll find the app already installed. Reinstall it from the App Store if you’ve deleted it.
  • Allow untrusted shortcuts: Toggle on “Add Untrusted Shortcuts” in Settings –> Shortcuts to make sure you can install user-created shortcuts.
  • iOS 14: FiOS 14 is required for the best performance – we haven’t tried it on iOS 13 yet.

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Below is the step by step procedure on how to convert your regular video into GIFS


Use the direct iCloud link below to get RoutineHub user FifiTheBulldog’s “Video To GIF” shortcut for free. Alternatively, you can get the shortcut from RoutineHub, where it is frequently updated and available for download. The shortcut is currently at version 1.0.

  • iCloud Link: Video To GIF v1.0 (free)

To preview the shortcut’s actions, touch “Get Shortcut” and you’ll be sent to Shortcuts. To add the shortcut to your library, go to the “Add Untrusted Shortcut” section and press the red “Add Untrusted Shortcut” button.


Tap on the “Video To GIF” card on your “My Shortcuts” page to activate it. Initially, it will ask for access to your photographs and videos in the Photos app. To accept and go on, press “OK”.


The video picker will display, allowing you to choose a video from your Photos library to use as a GIF. If you don’t pick one that isn’t too long, the processing time may be excessive. Because GIFs are often only a few seconds long, you’ll want a brief video. Although processing time is closely connected to video quality, it shouldn’t take up too much of your time.

You’ll be returned to your shortcuts after selecting the video. Allow a short period of time for the video to be converted. A grayed out “Video to GIF” shortcut tells you that it is in the process of converting. Leaving Shortcuts could jeopardize the conversion process.


A preview of your GIF will show once the video has been converted. As soon as you’re happy with it, click the Share icon in the upper-right corner. Using the Photos app, you may save and share the GIF, as well as any other third-party services that are included in the GIF’s description.


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