How to Create Personal WhatsApp Stickers (2022)

How to Create Personal WhatsApp Stickers (2022)

How to Create Personal WhatsApp Stickers (2022)

How to Create Personal WhatsApp Stickers (2022)

Do you want a personal Whatsapp sticker? then this article is for you

Making a customized WhatsApp sticker pack is a fun way to surprise a friend or loved one as well as a terrific method to promote a good or service.

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To make a personal sticker for WhatsApp, you’ll need to use the Sticker.ly app. This app is completely free to use and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

  1. Download the Sticker.ly app for your iOS or Android device.

  2. Once the app is downloaded and installed, open it.

  3. Tap the big blue + icon.

  4. Enter a name for your sticker pack and a creator name.

    Note: Both of these fields can really be anything you want but if you’re planning to make a lot of sticker packs for WhatsApp, it’s a good idea to make the pack name descriptive.

  5. Tap Create > Add sticker.

  6. The Sticker.ly app will ask for permission to access your device’s photos. Tap OK.

  7. Browse your device for a photo or image that you want to use for your first personal sticker.

    Note: If you don’t have the image saved on your device yet, you can minimize Sticker.ly and switch to another app to find the picture you want to use.

  8. The first step is to make the background of the image transparent. You can tap Manual to color all of the parts that you want to be visible or Auto to let the app scan your image and detect a face or object.

    Note: For this example, we’ll use the Auto option as it’s faster.

    How to Create Personal WhatsApp Stickers (2022)

  9. After a few seconds, the app will remove the background and resize it so that it begins to look like other stickers WhatsApp users like to use. If parts of your main image have been removed by mistake, tap Adjust.

  10. Tap Erase to remove parts of the background that weren’t made transparent. Tap Restore to add parts that you want to see.

    Note: Use two fingers to zoom in or out and move the image to make small changes.

  11. When you have the image looking the way you want, tap Apply.

  12. Tap Text to add a word or phrase to your custom WhatsApp sticker.

  13. Type whatever you like via the keyboard and tap Done to confirm it.

    Tap the A icon to cycle through different color options.

  14. Use two fingers to move and resize your text.

    Drag the text down to delete it.

    How to Create Personal WhatsApp Stickers (2022)

  15. Tap Save.

  16. Repeat the above process until you’ve created at least three WhatsApp stickers.

  17. When you’ve made enough personal stickers, tap Add to WhatsApp.

  18. Tap Open.

  19. Tap Save.

  20. Once you create WhatsApp stickers and import them into WhatsApp, they can be found by opening the sticker window within a chat as usual and selecting their new category from the sticker pack menu.

    Note: If you want to give your custom WhatsApp sticker pack to your friends for them to use, simply share the pack with them via the share link in the Sticker.ly app.

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