How to Customize the Mac Touch Bar (2022)

How to Customize the Mac Touch Bar (2022)

How to Customize the Mac Touch Bar (2022)

How to Customize the Mac Touch Bar (2022)


Are you looking for a way to Customize your Mac Touch Bar? then this article is for you

Contextual or app-specific controls are located on the left side of the Mac-book Touch Bar, and the Control Strip is located on the right. No matter what app you’re using, the Control Strip displays the same icons—screen brightness, volume, Siri, etc.—while the area to the left varies according to your activities.

You may modify the default contents of the Touch Bar, whether they alter according on the app you’re using, and more with the MacOS. Follow these instructions to alter the Touch Bar’s general appearance and features:


  1. Click the Apple menu.

  2. Click System Preferences.

  3. Click Keyboard.

  4. On the Keyboard tab, click the drop down next to Touch Bar shows.

  5. In this drop down, you can choose the layout and functionality of the Touch Bar. The options are:

    • App Controls: Select this to show app-specific shortcuts in the Touch Bar when they’re available.
    • Expanded Control Strip: This always expands the Control Strip and doesn’t show app-specific controls.
    • F1, F2, etc. Keys: Want your Touch Bar to act like a traditional keyboard with Function keys above the numbers? Choose this.
    • Quick Actions: If you’ve set up your own automation using Quick Actions, this option makes getting to them faster.
    • Show Spaces: Get one-touch access to switch between all of your Spaces with the option.

    The option you click will be applied. Close the System Preferences window.

    Want to hide the Control Strip? Uncheck the box next to Show Control Strip.

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The Control Strip is part of the Touch Bar and consists of the icons to the right of the Touch Bar. You can also customize them to work the way you want them to. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard.

  2. Click Customize Control Strip.

  3. A set of Touch Bar icons appears on your screen. You can drag new icons down from the set of icons on your main displays down into the Touch Bar (try moving your mouse “into” the Touch Bar and you’ll see your movements reflected there). The icons will wiggle like when you’re re-arranging apps on the iPhone or iPad.

    You can also skip to this step from the Finder by going to View > Customize Touch Bar.

  4. To remove icons you don’t want, drag them up from the Touch Bar onto the screen.

    To change the order of Touch Bar icons, put your mouse “in” the Touch Bar, click the controls you want to move, and then drag and drop.

  5. When arranged the Touch Bar arrange how you want, click Done.


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