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How to Delete A Yahoo Mail Account (2023)

How to Delete A Yahoo Mail Account (2023)

How to Delete A Yahoo Mail Account (2023)


Do you want to delete your Yahoo mail Account permanently? then this article is for you

Learn how to delete a Yahoo email account in this post. The guidelines apply to Yahoo Mail’s web browser client.


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You can shut down your entire Yahoo Mail account and revoke access to your email address, remove all your emails, and prevent people from messaging you.

  1. Open the Yahoo Delete User page and enter your username. Click Next.

  2. Enter your password. If you have an Account Key set up, Yahoo will send a message to your mobile phone to authenticate you.

  3. Read the text on the page titled “Before continuing, please consider the following information.” It details what you will lose when you delete your Yahoo Mail account. Press Continue to delete my account.

  4. Enter your email address once more into the field provided.

  5. Select Yes, and terminate this account.

    Note: You’ll know it worked if you see a message that reads “Your account has been deactivated and scheduled for deletion.”

  6. Press Got it to return to Yahoo’s homepage.

Note: In some cases, Yahoo won’t actually remove everything for up to 180 days, but that depends largely on the country you signed up from. Data connected to a Yahoo Finance Premium account might be kept for three calendar years.


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