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How To Draft A Gmail Mail Directly In Google Docs (2022)

How To Draft A Gmail Mail Directly In Google Docs (2022)

How To Draft A Gmail Mail Directly In Google Docs (2022)

Draft A Gmail Mail Directly In Google Docs 

Have you ever been working on a project that prompted you to send someone an email? You can write your email in Google Docs and then create a draft in Gmail with the touch of a button thanks to a useful feature.

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This functionality is useful in a variety of circumstances. When you go to Gmail, you can construct numerous emails in a single document that are ready to send. You can keep the email in the document that prompted it for reference or tracking.

Others with whom you’ve shared the Google Doc can likewise collaborate on the email.

If you haven’t come across this feature yet, let’s take a look at where to find it and how to use it.

How To Create a Gmail Draft in Google Docs

Sign in to Google Docs and access your work. Place your cursor where you want the email to be created. Then select Insert from the menu. Select Email Draft from the Building Blocks menu.

Click Email Draft in the Insert menu for Building Blocks

You’ll then see the template pop into your document ready for your details.

Email draft inserted in Google Docs

To add someone from a People Chip, type in their email address or use the @ (At) symbol. Do the same for the CC and BCC addresses if desired.

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Insert email addresses from a People Chip

Enter the Subject and then place your cursor in the space toward the bottom to type your message.

Add the email message to the template

When you finish, click the blue Gmail icon. This places the email right into Gmail ready for you to send.

How To Draft A Gmail Mail Directly In Google Docs (2022)

Gmail button to create the draft

Open the Email Draft in Gmail

Go to Gmail and look in the Drafts label folder. In Google Docs, you should be able to see the email you generated. When you’re ready, choose it, make any necessary changes, and send it on its way.

Google Docs email in Gmail

The option to draft an email that is ready to send in Gmail is a fantastic time-saver, whether you use it for yourself or for collaboration in Google Docs.


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