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How to Edit Multiple Photos at Once on an iPhone (2022)

How to Edit Multiple Photos at Once on an iPhone (2022)
How to Edit Multiple Photos at Once on an iPhone (2022)

How to Edit Multiple Photos at Once on an iPhone (2022)

How to Edit Multiple Photos at Once on an iPhone (2022)


Do you want to edit multiple photos on your iPhone? then this article is for you

You can now edit numerous photos at once with an iOS 16 capability. Basically, you copy the modifications from one photo and apply them to several others using the same parameters. This is how it goes.



There are two important things to understand about the batch-editing feature:

  • It requires iOS 16 or higher. If you’re not running that version of the OS, the feature isn’t available.
  • It takes the set of edits—all of the tweaks and settings—you make to one photo and treats it as a group of changes the system can copy+paste onto other photos. So, you need at least two photos you want to make the same edits to (the original that you make the edits to and a second that the group of edits is pasted onto).

With those criteria met, follow these steps to mass edit photos on an iPhone:

  1. In the Photos app, find and open the first photo you want to edit.

  2. Tap Edit and apply whatever edits you want to make.

    Note: Check out our detailed guide to using the Photos app’s built-in tools to edit photos on iPhone.


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  3. When you’re done making edits, tap Done.

  4. Tap in the top-right corner.

  5. Tap Copy Edits. This copies every setting you applied to the photo and gets it ready to apply to other photos you select.

  6. Tap the back arrow to return to your album view.

  7. Tap Select and then select all the photos you want to apply the edit settings from Step 2.

    Note: While you need to select at least one photo, there’s no real limit on the number of photos you can select.

  8. Tap in the bottom-right corner.

  9. Tap Paste Edits. This applies the edit settings to every selected photo.

    Note: Don’t like the edits you made? Select one or more edited photos, tap and then tap Revert to Original.

  10. A message pops up to let you know the edits have been applied to the selected photos.

Note: You can also bulk-edit videos using the Photos app. All of the steps are the same, except you need to select items in the Videos folder in Photos.


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