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How to Empty Trash on Android (2023)

How to Empty Trash on Android (2023)
How to Empty Trash on Android (2023)

How to Empty Trash on Android (2023)

How to Empty Trash on Android (2023)


Do you want to learn how to empty your Android trash? then this article is for you

This article explains how to clear trash on an Android device to increase privacy and free up space. Unless the trash folder’s contents are cleaned, the majority of deleted files are not truly gone.


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There isn’t a single way to empty the trash on Android because there isn’t just one trash folder (more on this below). However, one place that could be considered the ‘Android Recycle Bin’ is the file manager built-in to your phone. For example, Google’s Files app provides an interface for finding screenshots and other locally stored images, plus downloaded APK files, documents, and more. Here’s how to delete items from the trash folder in the Files app:

  1. Tap the three-lined menu button at the top of the Files app.

  2. Choose Trash.

  3. Tap All items to select everything in the trash folder, or manually select specific files if you want to keep some of them.

  4. Choose Delete, and then tap Delete again on the confirmation prompt.


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