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How To Find An iPhone’s IP Address (Easy Steps) 2022

How To Find An iPhone’s IP Address (Easy Steps) 2022

How To Find An iPhone’s IP Address (Easy Steps) 2022

Find Your iPhone’s IP Address 2022

The IP address of your iPhone is a series of numbers that identify it on the local network. It’s useful to know what it is in some instances. We’ll show you how to check your iPhone’s private IP address quickly and easily.

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Why Find Your iPhone’s IP Address

One of the main reasons you might need to know your iPhone’s IP address is if you’re configuring IP-specific router settings, such as setting a static IP address. You may provide your iPhone network permissions by determining what IP address it uses.

Another reason you might want to know your phone’s IP is if you’re having trouble with an IP dispute. You can tell if your phone is causing network problems by looking at its IP address.

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How to View Your iPhone’s IP Address

You’ll need to use your phone’s Settings app to see the IP address your iPhone has received from your network.

To begin, open your iPhone’s Settings app. Then select “Wi-Fi” from the drop-down menu.

Select "Wi-Fi" in Settings.

In the “Wi-Fi” menu, next to your currently-connected wireless network, tap the “i” icon.

Select "i" next to a Wi-Fi network.

The current private IP address of your iPhone may be found next to “IP Address” on the network tab. This is the string of numbers that the network uses to identify your device.

View the iPhone's IP address.

When your iPhone connects to a network, it will nearly always receive a new IP address unless you’ve established a static IP address.

Checking your iPhone’s MAC address, in case you need further information on your device, is just as straightforward.


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