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How to Fix a Fire Stick Not Working Right (2023)

 How to Fix a Fire Stick Not Working Right (2023)

How to Fix a Fire Stick Not Working Right (2023)

How to Fix a Fire Stick Not Working Right (2023)

How to Fix a Fire Stick Not Working Right (2023)


Do you want to fix your Firestick? then this article is just for you

This post includes a wide range of solutions to assist you in troubleshooting and repairing a broken Amazon Fire Stick.



A Fire Stick that won’t connect to the internet or isn’t loading properly can be tested and fixed in a number of different ways. From the simplest and quickest to the most complicated and time-consuming, here are some of the greatest solutions. We advise performing the inspections and fixes on this list in the sequence shown below.

  • Be sure your TV is turned on. Some TV models will automatically turn on when a connected HDMI device is powered up though many still need to be turned on manually via their remote. If it’s not turned on, the Fire Stick can’t do anything at all.

  • Restart your Fire Stick: Press Select and Play on the remote for 10 seconds to quickly restart your Fire Stick. A restart can fix many loading issues and the black screen bug.

  • Check your TV’s HDMI input. A Fire Stick not showing up on your TV screen after being turned on could be due to selecting the incorrect HDMI input. It’s unlikely your TV will switch automatically.

  • Use a direct power source. If possible, power your Fire Stick by plugging it directly into a power socket on your wall, not into your TV, another device, or through an adapter or surge protector.

    How to Fix a Fire Stick Not Working Right (2023)

  • Wait 10 minutes. Sometimes a Fire Stick takes a while to load or install updates. If you turn your Fire Stick on and it sits on the logo loading screen, wait at least 10 minutes to see if the issue resolves itself.

  • Check the Fire Stick remote’s batteries. Try changing them for new batteries to see if this fixes the problem.

  • Test your internet connection. A Fire Stick not connecting to Wi-Fi is a common cause of apps and content not loading properly. Connect to the same Wi-Fi connection with your smartphone or another smart device to see if it’s working.

    Note: Checking your modem’s lights can provide insight into its current internet connection status.

  • Open a different app. Media streaming services occasionally go down due to server issues or maintenance. If your Fire Stick is not connecting to the internet while using a specific app, switch to another app to see if the problem is app-specific.

    Note: There are additional tips for fixing the Disney Plus and Paramount Plus Fire Stick apps when they stop working correctly.

  • Update your Fire Stick and its apps. Select Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates to ensure you have the latest version of the Fire Stick’s operating system and apps installed.

  • Clear the Fire Stick cache. If your Fire Stick isn’t loading content or apps as it should, try quickly clearing the streaming stick’s cache. This tip can also make a Fire Stick run faster if it feels sluggish.

    How to Fix a Fire Stick Not Working Right (2023)
  • Delete the Fire Stick app and reinstall it. If a specific app is having trouble connecting to the internet or loading content, uninstall it, restart the Fire Stick, and reinstall it.

  • Check your Fire Stick cast setup. Casting content to a Fire Stick from a smart device or computer can require extra work. If your content isn’t loading correctly when cast, double-check to ensure you’re using the proper settings and apps.

  • Restore the Fire Stick to factory settings. You can reset your Fire Stick to its factory settings via Settings > My Fire TV > Reset to Factory Defaults as a last resort. This process essentially restores the streaming stick to the way it came in the box.


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