How to Fix It When Windows 11 Won’t Shut Down (2023)

How to Fix It When Windows 11 Won't Shut Down (2023)

How to Fix It When Windows 11 Won’t Shut Down (2023)

How to Fix It When Windows 11 Won’t Shut Down (2023)


Do you want to fix your Windows 11 PC not shutting down? then this article is for you

When resolving almost any computer issue, powering down a gadget is a standard first step, and Windows 11 is no exception. But what if you are unable to shut down? Thankfully, there are a few quick remedies.


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Depending on how you’re used to shutting down, not being able to turn off the computer can usually be fixed by employing a different shutdown technique.

  1. Hold down the physical power button until the computer shuts off.

    Note: Even if there’s a software malfunction preventing you from turning off Windows 11 with the mouse or keyboard, most computers will respond to a press-and-hold of the power button. This works regardless of the power button setting in Control Panel. This isn’t a normal way to turn off a computer because it doesn’t give Windows the heads-up it needs to safely shut down. If you’re able, ensure that open programs are shut down and all your work is saved.

  2. Alternatively, if you typically use the power button to shut down, try the normal way. It’s possible that the power button is the source of the problem, in which case using any Windows 11 shut down method will turn it off.

    Note: Open the Start menu and press the power icon to find Shut down.

  3. Type Ctrl+Alt+Del and then select the power icon, followed by Shut down.

    Note: One reason you can’t shut down Windows 11 is if the Start menu isn’t responding and therefore not opening, but Ctrl+Alt+Del might still work.

    How to Fix It When Windows 11 Won’t Shut Down (2023)

  4. In some really specific situations, you might only have access to the command line, like Command Prompt.

    Note: You can still shut down Windows 11 here with the shutdown command. Just enter this:

    shutdown /s
  5. One of the previous steps should have been successful and turning off the PC, but if this is a recurring issue, make sure Windows and your device drivers are updated.

    Note: Run Windows Update to check for OS updates, and use a driver updater tool to install outdated or missing device drivers.

  6. Troubleshoot. There are a number of things you can try if this is the reason your computer won’t fully shut down.

  7. Run System Restore to restore the computer to a previous state, presumably one where it was letting you shut down normally.


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