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How to Fix Slow PC Startup (2022)

How to Fix Slow PC Startup (2022)
How to Fix Slow PC Startup (2022)

How to Fix Slow PC Startup (2022)

How to Fix Slow PC Startup (2022)


Do you want to know how to speed up system startup? then this article is for you

System latency is not something you should get used to. Instead, use these techniques to remedy a slow PC startup, and your computer will be back in action in no time.




  1. Disable unnecessary startup programs: One of the main reasons your PC might be taking a while to start up is because of all the applications it’s trying to load right off the bat. Many of these are likely unnecessary, so edit the Windows 10 startup options and disable the ones that you really don’t need.

    Look out for any marked as High impact as these will have a greater impact on your PC’s startup speed.

    The process is a little different on Windows 11, so follow these steps for specific help with that operating system.

    Upgraded? The Windows 11 startup options are different than in Windows 10.

  2. Do a malware scan: Its possible malware is eating up system resources when your PC starts. Make sure to scan for malware on a regular basis.

  3. Clear some space on your boot drive: If your boot, or C drive, is getting close to full, it can dramatically affect performance. Make sure to free up space on your Windows PC as it gets low.

  4. Tweak your BIOS: There are some BIOS settings you can enable to improve startup speed, like Fast Boot. You can also disable startup logos, which can inhibit startup performance a little.

  5. Reinstall Windows: If none of the above works, then you may need to revert to a Windows system restore point, or reinstall Windows altogether. Either will probably fix any startup problems you have.

  6. Upgrade SSD/memory: If you’re still using a hard drive as your main boot drive, or are trying to run a modern Windows 10 or 11 PC with 8GB or less memory, then it might be time to upgrade. Changing your boot drive to an SSD, and upgrading RAM can have a dramatic effect on startup speed.


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