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How to Fix Sound Not Working On Mac Laptops (2022)

How To Fix Sound Not Working On Mac Laptops (2022)
How To Fix Sound Not Working On Mac Laptops (2022)

How to Fix Sound Not Working On Mac Laptops (2022)

How to Fix Sound Not Working On Mac Laptops (2022)

Are you a Mac User and you find out your sound/audio is not working? This article will show you how to fix sound not working on your Mac Laptop.

How To Fix Sound Not Working On Mac/MacBook Laptops

Whatever the reason sound isn’t working on your Mac, follow these steps—in this order—to get sound back on your Mac.

  1. Check The Volume: Your volume may be set to zero if you can’t hear anything. Even though it may sound absurd, the initial step in troubleshooting should always be the easiest. Adjust the volume if the app you’re using has a volume control feature. By selecting the Control Center in the upper right corner of the menu bar (it looks like two sliders) and dragging the Sound slider to the right, you can also check the volume at the system level (not only the app level)..

  2. Use A Different App:. It’s possible that the program you’re running has a bug that prevents sound from working. Try playing sound in another program, whether it be Apple Music, Spotify, Apple TV, a game, or something else. If it functions, the earlier program is to blame. Check to see if the app has an update to install that solves your issue.

  1. Kindly Check If The Headphone Jacks Are Well Connected & Clean: If the sound isn’t coming from your speakers, it might be coming from a different source, such as a set of headphones or another audio device. Make sure nothing is plugged into any of your Mac’s ports or jacks, including USB, Thunderbolt, headphones, HDMI, and others, that could be stealing the audio. Try unplugging everything you come across, and clean the ports to get rid of any dust or debris if necessary.

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    How to Fix Sound Not Working On Mac Laptops (2022)

  2. Check Setting For Speakers.If the sound isn’t playing from the built-in speakers on your Mac or MacBook, there could be a problem with your Output settings. Fix them by going to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Sound > Output > select the built-in speakers > move the Output Volume slider to the right > uncheck the box next to Mute.

  3. Check If You Are Connected To A Wireless Sound Device:   Your Mac may have automatically reconnected to wireless speakers or headphones if you played audio via them without being aware of it. They may already be hearing the sound. Since practically all wireless audio devices are connected via Bluetooth, that is the easiest thing to check for and solve. To change the Bluetooth icon to grey/Off, select Control Center first, then click the symbol.

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  4. Stop The Sound Controller Module And Restart It:: The sound controller is a piece of software that the macOS uses to play sound. That program can be closed and opened again without requiring a system restart. To achieve this, go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor > click the x next to coreaudiod > click Force Quit.

  5. Try Restarting Your Mac.Any issue can be resolved by restarting your computer, including issues with the computer’s fundamental functions. Whether everything else fails, try restarting your Mac to check if the sound functions properly once more.

    How to Fix Sound Not Working On Mac Laptops (2022)

  6. Update You OS  New features and bug fixes are included in updated versions of the macOS. It’s possible that the sound issue you’re experiencing is caused by a bug that has been fixed in a newer build of macOS. If there is an update, look for it and install it.

  7. Get Technical Support: If everything you’ve tried still results in non-working speakers, contact Apple Technical support or a technician that specializes in resolving this issue.

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