How To Free Up Storage On Your Mac Device (2022)

How To Free Up Storage On Your Mac Device (2022)

How To Free Up Storage On Your Mac Device (2022)

Do you use a Mac and wondering how to clean up your storage? Then this article is for  you

If your Mac’s storage space is full or nearly full, it’s time to free up some space. You can go through your files manually and delete the stuff that takes up the most space, such as movies, podcasts, or systems that you no longer use.

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How To Free Up Storage On Your Mac Device (2022)

You can also delete unnecessary emails from the Mail app, or move things you don’t use frequently to external storage, like as an external drive or iCloud.

But the quickest and most efficient way to free up storage on your mac is to optimize the storage space on your computer’s disc.

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How To Optimize Storage Space On Your Mac (2022)


  1. Click About This Mac from the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Then select Storage. The storage bar will start calculating how much space is consumed and how much space is available. When it’s finished calculating, color-coded segments reflect the various file categories.

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  3. To launch the storage management window, click the Manage option. From there, you can select to save files, images, and messages in iCloud; optimize storage by deleting TV shows and movies you’ve already watched, and decrease clutter by sorting through papers and other items you don’t need.
  4. You can track your progress by looking at the available space on the storage bar as you eliminate files and optimize storage.

NOTE: Before you delete files, just make sure you can live without them and your computer doesn’t need them to function.


  1. Can I free up space on my MacBook Pro? – ANS – YES


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