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How To Get Good Letters Of Recommendation For Scholarship (2022)

How To Get Good Letters Of Recommendation For Scholarship (2022)

How To Get Good Letters Of Recommendation For Scholarship (2022)

Ask for them on time:

The people who are going to write your letter of recommendation will most likely have several responsibilities and therefore will need at least 1 month to write your letter of motivation. Keep that time in mind and the application deadline so you can send all the complete documentation on time.

Share your CV and motivation letter to these people:

Ideally, the people who are going to write your letter of recommendation know what you have done and your motivation to be part of the program to which you apply. Therefore it is highly recommended that you meet with them to share your experience and plans, or to share documents such as your curriculum vitae and motivation letter.


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For academic recommendation letters:

 If you graduated more than 2 years ago and have not kept in touch with your professors, you must be very careful in the person you choose to serve as a reference and the way you approach him to ask for it.

You can think of teachers with whom you stood out or with whom you had the greatest contact so that when you contact them and tell them that it is you, they can remember you more easily.

I recommend that before asking anything you make some initial contacts to resume the relationship. You can achieve this through an email, a phone call or even a personal visit to update the person on what you have done during the time that has passed, tell them your plans to continue your studies and ask about their opinion.


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Formatting Tips for Scholarship Recommendation Letter


Make Sure It complies with the guidelines that you are asked for:

For example, in some cases, the institution may ask you that the letter of recommendation is in a previously defined format, that it be written by specific people and/or that it be sent in a sealed envelope. If so, follow those instructions because they are application requirements that, if not met, can mean your immediate disqualification.

Choose The Right Language:

 If it is for an English program, it is ideal that it be written in that language and that the person serving as a reference can answer questions in that language. However, it is not mandatory that it be handled in this way because you can attach an official translation to your letter of recommendation.


Use Required Size:

It is recommended that the letter of recommendation be between 1 and a maximum of 1.5 pages in Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri, size 12 and with normal spacing and margins. This way you make sure it is concrete but descriptive enough.



Ideally, the letter should be written on the letterhead of the institution to which the teacher belongs or the organization where your boss works. This gives the document more formality and therefore more confidence.


Contact information:

The letter must clearly include the telephone, postal address and email of the person who recommends you. In this way, the evaluating institution is given the opportunity to contact the person who recommends you to verify the information.


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