How to Mark Texts as Unread on iPhone (2023)

How to Mark Texts as Unread on iPhone (2023)

How to Mark Texts as Unread on iPhone (2023)


Do you want to mark iPhone Text messages as unread? then this article is for you

Three different ways to mark text messages as unread on an iPhone running iOS 16 or higher are described in detail in this article. With this knowledge, you can mark communications for later review and action when you have the time.



  1. Go to the Messages view that shows all of your conversations. If you’re in a conversation, tap the arrow in the top left corner.

  2. From this screen, there are three ways to mark a text as unread. For the first, tap Edit > Select Messages > tap each conversation you want to mark as unread > Unread.

  3. For another option, swipe left to right across the conversation to reveal the blue message icon. Keep swiping or tap the icon.

    Note: For a conversation that is marked as unread, repeat this action and you can mark it as read without opening the chat.

  4. Lastly, long press the conversation and tap Mark as Unread from the pop-up menu.

All three ways to mark texts as unread can also be used for two other useful ways to manage your text messages (if you’re swiping across the conversation, go from right to leave instead). You can Pin a conversation to the top of your Messages window or mute a conversation so a busy chat doesn’t spam you with a ton of notifications (tap the bell with the line through it).


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