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How To Pass Examinations With Distinctions (2022)

How To Pass Examinations With Distinctions (2022)

How To Pass Examinations With Distinctions (2022)

How To Pass Examinations With Distinctions (2022)

As the year 2021 draws to an end, students are preparing series of examinations, entrance, scholarships, post-graduates, professionals and so on. There is a pressing need to guide the public on how to achieve academic excellence in any chosen field.

In this article, I will be revealing how to make distinctions in any examination local and foreign irrespective of the course of study.

Learn How To Pass Examinations With Distinctions Below


1. Get A Good Reading Time Table / Schedule

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” For you to make a good grade in Nigeria, You must plan your activities in other to fit in with your extracurricular activities. Successful students have a timetable that they follow strictly and decisively in order to get the best results and stand out.

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2. Study Ahead Of Your Class.

Preparation makes distinction a possibility. Studying a new topic before your teacher comes to the classroom gives you more insight into what you need to learn for the day. Get the timetable and study beforehand, will give you an edge over others.

3. Make Your Personal Note Or Workbook

While studying make sure you have a well-documented note to take down all you learn for documentation and retentiveness. A personal workbook or note is always an asset in the hands of an A Student.

4. Make Research Or Speak To Tutors When Confused.

Not everything you find your hand to read might be assimilated at first, sometimes you need guidance. This is why there is the internet to broaden the scope of any topic. Alternatively, you can ask your teacher, tutor, or mentor to explain any line that doesn’t sit well with you.

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5. Spend Adequate Time 

Good usage of your time with your academic-related career will improve your learning. When you are determined to make the best out of an examination, you must be devoted to seeing it come to reality. Time is an asset you spend on any dream that will always yield results. There is nothing you spend adequate time and effort on that will not pay off.

6. Keep The Right / Positive Company

As the popular saying ‘Show me your friend and I will tell you where you are headed’. The effect of relationships and friendships cannot be over-emphasized in academics. If you want to be an A Student, make friends with intelligent people. The company you keep, can make you or mar you. When you find out you are smarter and more brilliant than all your friends, it means you are in danger, because there is no exchange of knowledge.

7. Pay Attention To Learning & Teaching

The ‘A’Class students don’t joke with lecture periods and learning. Some people can easily remember what is taught in the classroom faster than what is read. Don’t be distracted when learning is in progress you might miss out on what is coming in the examinations

8. Practice Past Questions & Answers.

Past question is a great guide to having substantial knowledge about the nature and content of an examination. when you make it a routine to give yourself an examination using past questions and score yourself judiciously, you will end up having distinction in the actual exam. Most examinations are direct or indirect repetitions of the past.

9. Maintain A Good Diet and Appropriate Rest 

Good dieting and good sleep are good and healthy for the brain. Don’t overwork your head and end up starving yourself again all in the name of preparation for the examination. Have a good time sleeping for a minimum of 8 hours, and eat well-nourished and healthy food.

In conclusion, there is always a secret behind every success story. The people at the top took some steps that got them there, no one arrives by accident. No one is dull until you make your brain redundant. If you put in the effort to having a distinction in an examination you might not achieve that.



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