How to Print From an iPhone (2023)

How to Print From an iPhone (2023)

How to Print From an iPhone (2023)

How to Print From an iPhone (2023)


Do you want to learn how to print from your iPhone? then this article is just for you

This article covers how to print from an iPhone, regardless of whether your printer is AirPrint-compatible, networked to your desktop computer, or only has a USB connection.


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Apple’s Wi-Fi printing technology, known as AirPrint, enables printing from iPad and iPhone devices. You must have an AirPrint-compatible printer (of which there are countless) and be connected to the same network as your iPhone in order to utilize AirPrint (it can be connected to the network via Wi-Fi or via an Ethernet cable hooked into your Wi-Fi router).

In that situation, follow these steps to print directly from an iPhone:

  1. With the thing, you want to print on the screen, tap the Share button.

  2. Scroll down and tap Print.

  3. The Print Options screen contains these settings:

    • Printer: Tap this to choose which available printer to use.
    • Presets: Select your printer’s preset options here.
    • Copies: Tap plus or minus to choose how many copies you want.
    • Range: If you’re printing a multi-page document, tap this to choose which pages you want (the default is All Pages).
    • Double-sided: This slider enables double-sided printing (if your printer supports it).
    • Paper Size: If your printer can print on multiple paper sizes, tap this option to select your preferred size.
    • Orientation: Choose whether to print in portrait or landscape orientation here.
    • Scaling: Tap plus or minus to zoom in or out on the printout.

    Note: The bottom row shows a preview of each page of your document. A blue checkmark means the page will be printed. Tap the checkmark so that it disappears and that page will not be printed.

    How to Print From an iPhone (2023)

  4. With your printing choices made, tap Print. The document will be sent to your AirPrint printer.

  5. After taping Print, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the iPhone’s multi-tasking view. The first app on the right is your print queue. If you want to stop the print, tap Cancel Printing.


Note: Don’t have an AirPrint printer? You can print directly from your iPhone using a USB cable attached to the printer and iPhone. All you need is a USB adapter that plugs into your iPhone’s Lightning port and a USB cable to plug into your printer (not all adapters support printing so be sure to check). Once you’ve made the connection, the steps above are the same.


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