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How To Remove Junk Photos/Files In WhatsApp (2022)

How To Remove Junk Photos/Files In WhatsApp (2022)

How To Remove Junk Photos/Files In WhatsApp (2022)

Learn How To Delete Junk In Whatsapp Safely (2022)

WhatsApp is unarguably the most used social media chatting app with over 2 Billion Users Worldwide. Owned by Mark Zuckerberg alongside Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and others. It has over the years risen to be the best messaging platform in the world and thus the followership.

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Although other giants like Telegram, Wechat, and Signal, have distinctive features, on average, WhatsApp seems to be the most used among others. In the quest for being the best they always bring up seasonally updates and new features that will enhance the user experience.

In this aritcle, we will be showing you, how to delete WhatsApp junk files and photos stored on your devices in a few easy steps.

1. How To Safely Remove Junk Files In WhatsApp (2022) Manually

This method only works on Android phone users; it will not work on an iPhone. So, while you can free up the app and iCloud storage, if you want to free up iPhone memory, you’ll have to manually delete movies and messages from the Photos app.

If you own an Android phone, here are steps you need to follow to clear your WhatsApp media cache:

  • – Tap on three dots on the top right corner of the app.
  • – Tap on the Settings option.
  • – Now tap on the Storage Usage option.
  • – Now you will see all your WhatsApp contacts in the order of the memory that they consume on your smartphone.
  • – Tap on contact then tap on the Free Up Space option.
  • – Now you will see a breakdown of files that you have shared with that contact along with the space that the contact is consuming.
  • – Select the data like images, videos and voice messages that you want to delete.
  • – Tap on Delete Items option.
  • – Tap on Clear Messages to confirm.\
  • Go to settings or File Manager
  • Look for storage or files that show the root folders of each application
  • Scroll down to WhatsApp and click on the folders
  • You will see various folders e.g documents, media, database etc
  • To clear anyone click on the folder you wish to clear.
  • The database takes up a lot of space and is safe to delete for most devices as they are stored as cache files.
  • Once you remove the database you have freed up some spaces on your phone.
  • However, from the storage, you can go to App usage and clear the cache under the WhatsApp storage. This will clear the WhatsApp Cache files. Use this feature with Caution.

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2. How To Safely Remove Junk Photos On WhatsApp

WhatsApp, like most Android apps, tends to leave a lot of trash photographs and image cache on your device. WhatsApp’s method of downloading photos to your phone can become a problem if you don’t clean your phone on a regular basis. Forwarded WhatsApp media files can wreak havoc on an Android phone’s internal storage. It was just a few days ago that our phone’s capacity was being depleted by the sheer volume of these Good Morning texts.

In some cases, manually deleting WhatsApp media files is cumbersome, and turning off the auto-download feature is impracticable since you risk losing important files. A third-party tool like Systweak’s Photo Cleaner can help with this.

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How To Remove Junk Photos In WhatsApp Using Third-Party Software

The Photo Cleaner: For the purpose of convenience and based on surveys and reviews, this software is the best and easiest to use. One of the most appealing aspects of the Photos Cleaner software is how simple it is to use, as well as how little time and effort it requires. Here’s how to erase images from an Android device with the Photos Cleaner app:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store or click the link below to get Photos Cleaner.

Step 2: Open the program by tapping on the shortcut you generated, and you’ll be taken through a small tutorial. Tap Next in the right bottom corner to see the steps, or Skip in the left bottom corner to skip them.

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Learn How To Delete Junk In Whatsapp Safely (2022)

Step 3: Next, read and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, then click the box labeled “I have Read and Accept”.

Privacy Policy

Step 4: The app’s home screen will appear, and you must hit the Scan Photos icon in the center of the screen to proceed.

Scan Photos

Step 5: On the screen, you’ll see a prompt asking for permission to access your storage. In the right bottom corner, click the Give Permission link.

Give Permission

Step 6: Your Android phone’s File Explorer will now open.

Step 7: The three horizontal lines in the top left corner must be clicked.

Learn How To Delete Junk In Whatsapp Safely (2022)


Step 8: Click on the USE THIS FOLDER button at the bottom of the screen to select your Phone’s storage.

Phone’s storage

Step 9: Click On Allow on the next prompt to grant the app your permission to access the storage,

access the storage

Step 10:  Click on Allow again in the next prompt from your smartphone’s operating system.

smartphone’s operating system

Step 11: A list of folders with images grouped into several categories such as Android, Hidden, and so on will appear on your screen.


Step 12: To view the contents of any folder, tap on it. If you wish to see more information about a hidden image, tap on it and then tap the Information Icon (little alphabet I within a circle) to get more information.


Step 13: To permanently delete the hidden photographs or photos cache that you do not want, pick the images and touch the Trash Bin Icon on your Android device.

In conclusion, these steps are best used by those with numerous WhatsApp files and conversations with smaller phone storage. It’s also best you back up your conversations on google drive before attempting to clear junk, Just for safety purposes.



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