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How to Save Videos From Twitter

How to Save Videos From Twitter
How to Save Videos From Twitter

How to Save Videos From Twitter

How to Save Videos From Twitter


Do you need to save Twitter videos? then this article is for you

How to download Twitter videos for computer, iOS, and Android offline viewing is covered in this post. All platforms and gadgets can use the steps.



Twitter makes it simple to watch and share videos, but it makes it impossible to download them to a computer, mobile device, or tablet. Also, As a result, users are compelled to find other ways to save their favorite Twitter films. The simplest option is by far downloading on a computer, which also doesn’t need any additional software installed. This is how:


  1. Open a web browser of your choice and go to Twitter.com. You don’t need to log in.

  2. Find the tweet with the video you want to save.

  3. Right-click on the date of the tweet; that’s the permalink.

  4. A menu will appear. Select Copy link address. The web address of the tweet will now be saved to your computer’s clipboard.

  5. Go to DownloadTwitterVideo.com.

  6. In the field on the website, paste the tweet’s web address by right-clicking it with your mouse and selecting Paste, or press Ctrl+V on Windows, and Command+V on the Mac.

  7. Press Enter.

  8. Two buttons will appear with options for your video download. Choose MP4 for a low-resolution version of the video; MP4 HD for a high-resolution version.

  9. Also, Right-click the new button that showed up after selecting the download type. It will say Right click here and choose ‘Save link as…’


    Note: These instructions use the Chrome browser, which works similarly across Windows, Mac, and Linux. Other browsers may have different labels for the same action.

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Unlike the computer method above, saving videos on an Android device requires an additional app, but can still be performed quickly.

  1. Download the free +Download app on your Android device. This app is required for saving Twitter videos to your device for offline play.

  2. Open the official Twitter app on your Android device and search for the tweet containing the video you want to share.

  3. Once you find it, tap the share button below the video, and then choose Share Tweet via.

  4. Also, The +Download app will appear in the list of apps you can share the video. Tap +download from the list of apps you can share the link to. The video will download automatically.

    Note: If the video doesn’t start downloading automatically, tap the download button. You might also have to give it permission to store videos on your device; select Allow if you’re asked.

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iPhone and iPad owners have to put in a little more work than Android owners to save videos from Twitter, and it can also be more convoluted and time-consuming.

  1. Download the free MyMedia app onto your iPhone or iPad.

  2. Open the official Twitter app and search for the tweet containing the video you want to save.

  3. Tap the tweet so its text and video fill the entire screen. Be careful not to tap any links or hashtags in the tweet.

  4. Under the tweet, next to the heart icon, will be another icon that looks like an arrow shooting out of a box. Tap it.

  5. Also, Tap Share Tweet via.

  6. Tap Copy Link. The URL of the tweet will now be saved to your device’s clipboard.

  7. Close the Twitter app and open the MyMedia app.

  8. Tap Browser from the bottom menu.

  9. In the field at the top of the app, type www.TWDown.net and tap Go. This essentially loads a website within the MyMedia app.

  10. Scroll down the web page until you see a field that reads Enter Video Tap this field so the cursor appears, then tap and briefly hold your finger on it and release it to bring up the Paste option.

  11. Also, Tap Paste to paste the tweet’s web address into the field.

  12. Tap the Download button next to the field.

  13. The web page will now reload and provide you with several download links for your video in a variety of sizes and resolutions. Tap the one you want to download.

  14. As soon as you tap a download link, a menu will pop up. Tap Download the File, then type in a name for your saved video.

  15. On the bottom menu, tap Media. You should see your saved video on this screen.

  16. Tap your video’s file name.

  17. Also, A new menu will pop up with a list of options. Tap Save to Camera Roll to save a copy of your Twitter video to your iOS device’s Camera Roll folder. You can now open it in other apps just as you would if you had made the video yourself.


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