How To Save WhatsApp Audio On iPhone Music Library (2022)

How To Save WhatsApp Audio On iPhone Music Library (2022)

How To Save WhatsApp Audio On iPhone Music Library (2022)

How To Save WhatsApp Audio On iPhone Music Library (2022)

iPhone’s iOS comes with it’s unique features and integrations that make it a little complex than the android devices. When it comes tosharing via third parties, iPhone makes it a herculean task compared to the easy way out android contemporaries.

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In this article we will discuss How To Save WhatsApp Audio On iPhone 11, 12, 13 and 14 upwards without playing from whatsapp chat. Follow the steps and methods below to save whatsapp audio on your iPhones

Learn How To Save WhatsApp Audio On Your iPhone Below

However, using an iPhone presents several challenges. This is due to the fact that we cannot access an iOS device’s file system, in contrast to Android.

As a result, you can send yourself the voice note or audio file from WhatsApp or take a backup of WhatsApp to iCloud. These simple instructions will show you how to store WhatsApp audio on your iPhone.

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METHOD 1: How To Save On Your iCloud

1. When you get the audio file or voice note on WhatsApp, tap on the download button to save it on your iPhone storage.

2. Now enable iCloud Drive and link it to your active iCloud account by going to iPhone settings > iCloud. Enable the option to save WhatsApp data by scrolling down. This would save WhatsApp media in an iCloud backup, including its audio.


3. You can email yourself a selection of voice notes or audio files from WhatsApp if you don’t want to save the complete conversation. Select any audio file or voice note you want to preserve by opening your WhatsApp chat.

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4. You will be given many alternatives as you hold it, including reply, forward, delete, etc. After selecting Forward, select Share the audio file..

5. This will show many ways to transfer audio files from WhatsApp using things like messages, notes, iCloud Drive, etc. To open a new draft window with the chosen audio file attached, select Mail from the menu. Now you may email it to yourself or any other person you choose..

METHOD 2: Save WhatsApp Audio Files on iPhone with iTunes

Apple’s iTunes also enables you to save WhatsApp audio files on your iPhone. Follow these simple steps:

1. Open the WhatsApp app and locate the audio file you want to save. Keep holding it and choose “Forward”.

2. Tap on the share icon on the right-bottom corner and then choose “Save to Files”.

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3. Now click “On My iPhone” to save the WhatsApp audio file on the device.

4. Connect your iPhone to computer and open iTunes. Go to Edit > Preference > Advanced to locate the iTunes Media folder.

find sync music itnes

Step 5. Now drag and drop the WhatsApp audio file from PC iCloud folder to the iTunes Media folder.

Step 6. Click on the device icon and go to Music, enable “Sync Music” and then tap “Sync”.

sync music itunes

METHOD 3. Save WhatsApp Audio Files through AirDrop

Saving your audio messages from WhatsApp can also be done easily with AirDrop. Below are the steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and find the audio file, press and hold the file to share it.
  2. Choose Forward > AirDrop to save the audio file to another iPhone or a Mac computer.

airdrop whatsapp audio files from iphone to mac

METHOD 4. Save WhatsApp Audios on iPhone Whatsapp WebPage

The last method to save your audio files is using the WhatsApp webpage. Here’s you can do it:

  1. Visit WhatsApp webpage, head to WhatsApp > Menu > Settings > WhatsApp to scan the code and login to your account
  2. Open the conversations and find the audio file you want to save, right-click on it and choose “Download” to save it to your computer.

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