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How to Send out a Group Text (2023)

How to Send out a Group Text (2023)
How to Send out a Group Text (2023)

How to Send out a Group Text (2023)

How to Send out a Group Text (2023)


Do you want to send out a group text? then this article is just for you

This article shows how to send a text message to a group on an iPhone or an Android phone using the Messages app or another text messaging program.



Group messages are a fast and convenient way to organize groups, set up events, or send the same message to multiple people. On an iPhone, use the Messages app.

  1. Open the Messages app. Select the pencil icon in the top-right corner to start a new text message.

  2. Add people in the To: field. If they’re in your contacts list already, type their name and their contact info should appear. You can also type the person’s phone number, or tap the Plus (+) to go through your contacts list and add recipients.

    Note: You can even include people on the message who only have access to an iPad tablet; as long as they’re connected to Wi-Fi, they will receive the message on their Messenger app.

  3. Once you’re finished adding people, simply type your message, then tap Send.

Note: When sending group texts on your iPhone, you can name the group chat, mute alerts from the group texts, and add or remove people from the group.


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Sending a group text message on Android is fairly similar to sending one on an iPhone.

  1. Open your text message app. On most phones, these will be Messages. Open a new conversation.

  2. Start adding contacts in the Enter recipients field by typing in a phone number, or a person’s name, or select the contact list and select your contacts.

  3. Once you’ve picked your contacts, enter a message as usual and then select Send.


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