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How to Take a Screenshot on PS5 (2023)

How to Take a Screenshot on PS5 (2023)
How to Take a Screenshot on PS5 (2023)

How to Take a Screenshot on PS5 (2023)

How to Take a Screenshot on PS5 (2022)


Do you want to take a screenshot on PS5? then this article is for you

This page provides guidance on how to take screenshots on the PS5, as well as details on how to share your screenshots with others and where screenshots are kept. Additionally, it offers simple hints for recording video and preserving gameplay.



Recording video may be more common these days, but taking screenshots on PS5 is just as quick and easy as capturing gameplay or stream. With only the click of a button, you can start taking screenshots in seconds.

  1. On the screen, you’d like to capture, hold the Create button on your controller until you see a notification pop in the top-right of the screen that indicates a screenshot has been captured.

  2. To access your screenshots, press the PlayStation button and navigate to the furthest card on the right, which will be titled New screenshot. Open this card with X.

  3. In the card, you can share screenshots to linked social media or with friends on PlayStation Network by selecting Share with X. You can also do some light photo editing with Edit as well as delete your screenshots with Delete.

  4. To view all your recorded media, select Go to Media Gallery with X. Here, you can access all your screenshots. After opening a screenshot with X, selecting the ellipsis (…) icon with X will give you the option to copy a screenshot to a USB drive.

Note: If you’d like to select multiple screenshots at once, in the Media Gallery, select the Checkmark icon on the left side of the screen with X, and then choose which images you’d like. From here, you can share, delete, or transfer screenshots to a USB drive in bulk.


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