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How To Turn Off Instagram Comments (2022)

How To Turn Off Instagram Comments (2022)
How To Turn Off Instagram Comments (2022)

How To Turn Off Instagram Comments (2022)

How To Turn Off Instagram Comments (2022)

Turn Off Your Instagram Comments & Feedback 

Are you writing a cryptic or controversial post and you don’t want people to comment on it? Are you being bugged or dragged whenever you make a post on Instagram and you want to stop it? This article is for you. Learn how to turn off your Instagram comments on any post you choose in a few easy steps.

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How To Turn Off Instagram Comments (2022)

Instagram comments on your photographs or videos can be entertaining to read, and they are frequently encouraging. That isn’t always the case, though. Instagram allows you to hide current comments and prohibit new ones if you wish to avoid criticism or turn off comments for another reason.

While it would be ideal if Instagram allowed users to turn off all comments, this is not the case. Instead, you’ll have to deactivate comments for each individual article.

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 How to Turn Off Comments Before Posting Below 

Right before you post a photo or video to your main page, you can disable the comments. After you’ve chosen what you want to post and select the filter you want to use (if any at all), you’ll get to the final share post page. On the very bottom, tap the Advanced Settings. Then toggle Turn Off Commenting and hit the back button. Then tap the Share button.


You can re-enable comments at any time by clicking Turn on Commenting from the menu button in the top-right corner of the post. You may also select to only allow comments from your followers or individuals you follow.

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