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How To Turn Off Notifications In Windows 11 (2022) UPDATED

How To Turn Off Notifications In Windows 11 (2022) UPDATED

How To Turn Off Notifications In Windows 11 (2022) UPDATED

Windows devices come with a variety of system and app alerts that let you know when anything happens in real-time. Incoming VoIP calls, Outlook calendar reminders, and normal Windows version update notifications may all seem equally important. This isn’t always the case, and even if it were, any user action that necessitates your attention can be simply postponed. When you’re working or watching your favorite game or show on TV, notifications might be particularly inconvenient.

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To prevent being annoyed by these warnings, turn them off, hide them temporarily, or enable only the ones that are absolutely necessary. We’ll show you how to turn off computer notifications on a Windows 11 PC on this page.

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How To Turn Off Notifications On Windows 11

When you truly need to concentrate, you should know how to turn off all of your computer’s notifications. A notification center is in charge of this type of muting.

STEP 1:  Open the search box by pressing Windows + S and then select the “Notifications & actions settings” menu option.

Disable Computer Notifications On Windows 11

STEP 2: Once the notification settings box appears, flip off the “Notifications” toggle key, which is usually enabled by default. This disables all app and other notification alerts so you don’t have to deal with them separately.

Disable Computer Notifications On Windows 11

STEP 3: Remove the checkboxes for “Offer advice on how to set up my device” and “Get tips and suggestions while using Windows.” Any additional notifications will be closed as a result of this action.

Disable Computer Notifications

STEP 4: Keep the Focus assist setting turned “Off” to ensure that it does not conflict with your permanent and total silencing of system notifications.

How To Turn Off Notifications In Windows 11 (2022) UPDATED

How To Dismiss Notifications On Windows 11?

It may be significantly handier to discreetly reject the notifications to the desktop background rather than turning off all Windows alerts and pop-ups.

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You may do this in two ways: through the Action Center or by setting a notification timeout.

STEP 1: To open the Action Center, press Win + A on your keyboard. There will be a white outline around any notifications if there are any. To turn off the notifications, simply press the Del key.

Disable Computer Notifications On Windows 11

STEP 2: Alternatively, you can turn off notifications by using a timer. In Windows 11, go to System settings and look for “Notifications timeout after.”

Disable Computer Notifications On Windows 11

STEP 3: Choose the amount of time you want a notification to stay on your screen from the “Dismiss notifications after this amount of time” drop-down option. The least time the notifications stay on your screen is 5 seconds.

How To Turn Off Notifications In Windows 11 (2022) UPDATED

Disable Computer Notifications On Windows 11

How to Turn Off Notifications in Specific Apps On Windows 11?

It’s possible to turn off notifications for some apps while keeping them on for others. To turn off individual app notifications on Windows, follow these steps:

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STEP 1: Press Windows + S to open the search box and  type “Choose which apps show notifications.”

Disable Computer Notifications On Windows 11

STEP 2: Choose any app that you don’t want to receive notifications from and toggle it “Off.”

How To Use Focus Assist To Temporarily Hide Notifications.

To get the benefits of computer notifications without being overly intrusive, we recommend using Windows Focus assist, an advanced power user tool accessible from the Windows system tray. It can limit distractions by temporarily hiding warnings using a “automatic rule.”

STEP 1: In the search box, type “Focus assist automated rules.”

Disable Computer Notifications

STEP 2: Turn the toggle switch off for the choices you don’t need under the Automatic rules section under Focus assist.

Disable Computer Notifications

Note: You won’t be disturbed by anything but priority communications if you choose quiet hours in the evening, for example. Similarly, you can limit all notifications to “Alarms only” when playing a game. When using full-screen software, such as a video streaming app, this option is extremely useful.

How To Turn Off Notifications In Windows 11 (2022) UPDATED

STEP 3: Scroll down to the “Focus assist” section and select the “Priority only” or “Alarms only” choice button, as appropriate, to define restrictions for the types of notifications you receive.

Disable Computer Notifications On Windows 11

|STEP 4: The “Priority only” option allows you to get notifications for critical contacts and apps while turning off all other notifications.

STEP 5: Finally, go to the Apps list in the Priority list. You can add/remove apps based on whether or not you want them to provide priority notifications.


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