How to Unlock an iPhone Without a Password (2023)

How to Unlock an iPhone Without a Password (2023)

How to Unlock an iPhone Without a Password (2023)


Do you want to unlock an iPhone without using a Passcode? then this article is for you

If you repeatedly input the wrong passcode or if you’ve forgotten your iPhone’s passcode, your iPhone may become locked or unusable. This is a problem because you can’t use your iPhone if it’s locked and you don’t know the passcode. That implies you’ll have to wipe the iPhone clean and start over. Here is what to do.


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There’s good news and bad news. The good news is you can unlock an iPhone even without its passcode. The bad news is you have to erase the iPhone and set it up from scratch. If you’ve got a recent backup of your iPhone, you can restore it and essentially have it return to normal. If not, though, you may lose some data. Here’s what to do:

  1. If you use Windows, install iTunes on your computer. If you use a Mac, skip to the next step.

  2. Begin by turning off your iPhone (the steps differ by model, but the link has instructions for every iPhone).

  3. Connect the USB cable that came with the phone to your iPhone, but not to your computer.

  4. Hold down a button to put your iPhone into Recovery Mode:

    • on iPhone 8, iPhone X and newer, and iPhone SE (2nd gen) and newer, use the Side button
    • on iPhone 7, hold the Volume Down button
    • on iPhone 6, iPhone SE (1st gen), and earlier, hold the Home Button.
  5. Keep holding the button and plug the other end of the USB cable into your computer.

  6. When the Recovery Mode screen appears on your iPhone, let go of the button.

  7. What you do here depends on what kind of computer you’re using:

    • On Windows: Open iTunes.
    • On Mac: Open a new Finder window and click your iPhone in the left-hand sidebar (you may need to expand the Locations section).
  8. Click Restore.

  9. Follow all onscreen instructions. As you do, you’ll need to wait for your computer to download updated software, erase your iPhone, and return it to set-up mode.

  10. As part of the setup, you can choose to restore from a backup (if you have one) and set a new passcode.

  11. When the setup is complete, disconnect your iPhone from the computer.

Note: There are lots of third-party apps that claim to be able to unlock an iPhone without the passcode. Don’t believe it. Apple’s security is very difficult to defeat. While there have been some very limited instances of hackers getting around the security, that requires very expensive and very sophisticated devices. Don’t waste your money.


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